Hartley's Crocodile Adventure Boat & Walking Tour

1.5 Hours
Offbeat Originals

From (USD) $27 Per Person

Hartley's Crocodile Adventure Boat & Walking Tour

1.5 Hours
Offbeat Originals

From (USD) $27 Per Person

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      Hartley's Crocodile Adventure Boat & Walking Tour

      Cairns, Australia
      From (USD) $27 Per Person
      • Wildlife discovery: Take a walk on the wild side as you trek through more than 1.3 miles of boardwalks and pathways, discovering wildlife at every turn.
      • Cassowary walk: Find out which indigenous plants are crucial to the survival of these beautiful flightless birds and why they're so important to our rainforests. 
      • Hartley's Lagoon: Visit the number-one place to spot crocs as you skim the waters of our coastal melaleuca habitat keeping watch for tropical birds and wildlife.
      • Macalister Education Centre: Get a peek into the biodiversity of the local environment as you enjoy live exhibits, display panels, and touch tables.
      About this Cairns Tour

      Every aspect of Hartley's Crocodile Adventure has been carefully planned and flawlessly executed. From the construction of its buildings to its low-energy lighting and everything in between, nothing was left to chance when it came to designing a facility that was both visitor- and environmentally friendly.

      As you enter the wildlife park, you'll be taken in by a kaleidoscope of colors and the beauty of its many plants and species. Walk at your own leisure along the pathways and boardwalks as you peer into the lives of reptiles, birds, koalas, and of course, crocodiles.

      Your day could be as structured or relaxed as you want. Every hour offers different tours and shows, including the Crocodile Farm Tour, which will give you an appreciation of what it takes to operate a crocodile farm and its contribution to conserving these endangered predators.

      You can't miss the heaviest native land animal, the cassowary, standing anywhere from five to six-and-a-half feet in height and averaging 130 pounds. Their diet consists of whole fruits, and lots of them, that drop from trees. As they pass through the forest, they spread the excreted seeds here, there, and everywhere, making them the biggest contributors of seed dispersal and germination and the growth of new trees in the forest. Isn't that handy?

      And speaking of eating, the Crocodile Feeding Show is a fan favorite that lets you watch both Estuarine and Freshwater crocs being hand fed. Whatever your itinerary, you'll end your day with a better understanding of why Hartley's Crocodile Adventures is an award-winning ecotourism attraction.

      Are those crocodile tears?

      When a person is "crying crocodile tears," it means they are insincere in their sadness or remorse. Many crocodiles shed tears when they're eating prey. So the question arises, do these crocs feel guilty for their actions? The answer is definitely not. Glands in a crocodile secrete fluids behind their third eyelid (yes, you read that right). When eating, they swallow too much air and it forces tears to flow involuntarily. Guess they are cold-blooded after all.

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