Frequently Asked Questions

Specific Destination Information

What does GoBe mean?
Our mantra is "Experience Everywhere" which is a challenge to get out and discover the incredible variety the world has to offer. Go anywhere and be anything! Travelers today want authenticity and place a high value on experiences. GoBe offers unique and customizable travel experiences that encourage travelers to pursue their dreams.
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How is GoBe different from other companies?
Part of what separates GoBe from others is our ability to personalize experiences. From must-see highlights and landmark destinations to completely customized, private, off-the-beaten path itineraries. And then there’s the really awesome extras that you can add to any experience. The possibilities are endless when traveling with GoBe.
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Why should I book with GoBe?
We've been all over the world researching the best experiences for you to discover and we know how much of a hassle it can be to research and plan your travel itinerary. So, GoBe eliminates that stress. We can tell you the must-see attractions and hidden gems in virtually every destination. By traveling with GoBe, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in the local culture of the destination. Travelers are looking for the ability to create exactly what they want rather than participate in large, cookie cutter tours. GoBe allows you to have an authentic experience with endless opportunities to customize and create. And all at an amazing value! But we think you'll find the memories you take home are priceless. So why should you book with GoBe? Why wouldn’t you?
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