Payment Terms And Conditions

The credit card storage function will store your credit card details using tokenization in a secure external storage service provided by CyberSource, the payment gateway.

If you are at all concerned with the potential security of this storage process we recommend that you not use the credit card storage function.

Please note that the safety of your credit card information is very important. Credit card transactions are processed externally from TourTrek’s servers using CyberSource. Payment data is sent directly from TourTrek’s browser to CyberSource’s servers. When you wish to make a payment with your stored credit card details, TourTrek sends a request to use your currently stored credit card details. CyberSource then internally retrieves the stored credit card details and uses them to process the required payment. At no time are the credit card details recovered or stored within TourTrek’s site or the database that this site uses.

This function allows you to store your credit card(s) within the system to enable automated payments for future purchases and you will have an option during checkout to use a stored credit card to pay for a purchase. You may delete a stored credit card at any time.

Should you have any questions we recommend that you contact us.

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