Sinai Desert by Jeep & Camel

4.5 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $110 Per Person (Based on 2)

Sinai Desert by Jeep & Camel

4.5 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $110 Per Person (Based on 2)

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      Sinai Desert by Jeep & Camel

      Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
      From (USD) $110 Per Person (Based on 2)
      • Sinai sights: Travel to the Wadi Mandar and view dramatic rock formations carved by wind and rain erosion, as well as the hardy, deep-rooted, and water-seeking acacia trees.
      • Bedouin respite: Enjoy a shady rest in a Bedouin camp, where you will be served special refreshments before heading out in the desert sun and back to your Sharm el Sheikh base.
      • Desert trekking: Experience both the ancient and modern modes of Egyptian transportation as you take a jeep, then ride along in a camel caravan guided by Bedouins.
      About This Sharm El Sheikh Tour

      Bedouins have been a part of the Egyptian scene for at least six centuries. These proud people have made a living in the tough desert climate by moving wherever they're needed to tend to their livestock. The desert can be unforgiving, so these tribes tend to stay close to areas near an oasis for regular replenishment.

      About 70,000 people in the south Sinai today consider themselves Bedouins. Most have now taken jobs more conventional to modern society, like those in tourism. They also live less as separate tribes and more in communities together. Whenever conflicts have arisen in the past, they were either resolved with sword fights dictated by the Bedouin law or by monks at St. Catherine's Monastery.  These days the Bedouin community has adapted to modern life, and modern ways of settling disputes.

      When Bedouin tribes would encounter each other in the desert, it was a cause for celebration because of the built-in isolation of being nomadic in a remote land. Meeting someone new meant another opportunity for personal interest and curiosity. Over time, Bedouins developed a highly refined sense of hospitality as a result of these chance encounters.

      You'll become part of this long tradition of guests becoming friends as you tour the Bedouins' land by jeep and by camel. In between viewing the dramatic desert landscape, rest in a tent and be served their traditional tea and unleavened bread. Take in the glitzy energy of Na'ama Bay before returning to Sharm el Sheikh, a stark contrast to the centuries-old traditions of the proud, hardy, and gracious nomads of the Sinai.

      Sinai Bedouin tribes in the 21st century

      Each Bedouin tribe has their own distinctive character. The oldest, Alleget and Sawalha, live all over Egypt and work in traditional jobs. The Mzeina are considered the wealthiest and are involved in tourism. The Gebeliya originated in southeastern Europe and are in service with St. Catherine's Monastery. The Tarabin tribe have strong ties to Israel and probably have to deal with the most delicate politics out of all ten designated tribes.


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