Tunis Through the Ages: The Bardo Museum & Medina by Private Van

4 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $198 Per Vehicle

Tunis Through the Ages: The Bardo Museum & Medina by Private Van

4 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $198 Per Vehicle

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      Tunis Through the Ages: The Bardo Museum & Medina by Private Van

      La Goulette, Tunis, Tunisia
      From (USD) $198 Per Vehicle
      • Bardo Museum: For a slight additional fee, explore one of the most important museums of the Mediterranean basin. This impressive museum consists of over 50 rooms of mosaics, paintings, sculpture, weapons, and jewelry from prehistoric times to the city's peak as a stronghold of the Hafsid dynasty.
      • Medina: Though the winding cobblestone streets of the city's central district were laid in the 8th century, most of the Moorish homes and temples of this World Heritage Site weren't built until the 1100s.
      • Bazaar shopping: Experience the hustle and bustle of an open-air North African souk, where you can purchase everything from jewelry and clothing to pottery and ceramics.
      About this La Goulette tour

      In modern Arabic, the word medina literally translates into "city." It's a fitting name – in a city with a history that spans thousands of years and many different dynasties and empires - the medina quarter, at just over one square mile, is a city in its own right.

      The narrow, crooked streets make it impossible for cars or even motorcycles and scooters to navigate – you'll see only foot traffic and the occasional cart or wagon. And the medina's central bazaar is almost a city inside that city within the city: a smorgasbord of color, sounds, sights, and smells, where the voices of bartering buyers and sellers mingle into a raucous, unrecognizable din.

      Jewelry, pots, pans, textiles, and ceramics in every size and shape surround you in dozens of stalls. A particularly bold peddler may summon you over to his wares. Don't be shy about haggling – it's an art form there, perfected over centuries.

      Overlooking the medina's bazaar like an elegant sentinel is the 1.2-acre Great Mosque, sometimes called the Mosque of Al-Zaytuna. Muslims have been filing through its nine entrances since the 9th century; its minaret's signature green steeple, topped by golden spheres, is the city's signature skyline silhouette.

      It's not the oldest part of Tunis – that distinction belongs to the Carthaginian ruins near the shore. But the best way to understand this historic North African metropolis is to explore its medina. The city's character inhabits the narrow alleys, arched doorways, and buzzing marketplace of its medieval Islamic core.

      Slaves to art

      The Hafsid dynasty that once ruled much of North Africa from Tunis ushered in a golden age of Islamic culture, but it wasn't golden for everyone. The Hafsids stormed the then Spanish-controlled island of Malta in 1429, returning with around 3,000 prisoners; the profits from their sale at slave markets financed great public works, as you'll see on this tour – including the magnificent palace that now houses the Bardo Museum.

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