Meet a Local in Beijing - Private Tour

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $315 Per Guide (Maximum 6 Guests)

Meet a Local in Beijing - Private Tour

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $315 Per Guide (Maximum 6 Guests)

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      Meet a Local in Beijing - Private Tour

      Beijing, China
      From (USD) $315 Per Guide (Maximum 6 Guests)
      • Learn where you are in Beijing: Depending on where you're staying in the city, your private guide will show what attractions are close by, and tell you how to find other places you'd like to visit.
      • Learn how to get around Beijing: Taxis are hard to find in Beijing, so knowledge of the subway system will make your stay more exciting and fulfilling. Your guide will also leave you with maps detailing how to go where you'd like to go.
      • Learn how to function in Beijing: It won't hurt to learn how to order food at a local restaurant, ask for directions, know how to act when visiting a temple, and such. Your guide will share all that information with you.
      • Small group = more personal: Share your experience with only the people you know; enjoy the luxury of deeper interaction with your guide and a more flexible itinerary.
      About This Beijing Tour

      Beijing is 386 square miles of monuments, temples, hutongs, plazas, and history. Some 22 million people live in Beijing, most of whom don't speak your language. So this tour will teach you and your group how to get around Beijing on your own, if you wanted to.

      The first part of this tour is a meeting with your guide to learn some of the basics of getting around the city. Beijing has a large subway system that'll get you where you want to go. Your guide will explain the system's color-coding and numbering.

      You'll also learn a few basic phrases so you can communicate with the locals; important things about the local culture – even how to buy produce at the local market, and how to get to attractions you're interested in.

      The second part of your tour is to actually go out into the streets and practice some of what you've learned, while the guide shows you interesting landmarks that are within walking distance of where you're staying.

      In Beijing, you'll always be able to find a private guide or tour to show you what you want to see. Knowing a little about the language and culture will only make it better.

      And if you decide to venture out on your own, the things you'll learn on this introduction will help make your Beijing adventure easier, and more enjoyable.

      Not made in China

      Some travelers to China will be disappointed to find that some of their favorite "Chinese" dishes are not exactly Chinese. While there was a General Tso in the Qing Dynasty of the 1800s, don't be looking for the general's chicken dish in a restaurant. They never heard of it. Also, don't order Chop Suey, Egg Foo Young, or Sweet and Sour Pork. And if you'd like a fortune cookie, try asking for a "genuine American fortune cookie."


      Getting prepared
      Tour Participation Requirements
      Great photo opportunities Great photo opportunities
      Bring photo ID Bring photo ID
      Bring money Bring money
      Bring water Bring water
      Wear comfortable shoes Wear comfortable shoes
      Wear Sunglasses Wear Sunglasses
      Wear Hat Wear Hat
      Cancellation policy

      You cannot participate in this tour if you have not sent your passport number and name beforehand. Context walks can be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the walk with an 85% refund. Within 48 hours all reservations are final and cannot be refunded. Walks are held rain or shine with some variations to accommodate the weather. If you are running late for your meeting with our guide, we ask that you call to alert us so that we can relay the message to the guide. No shows are treated as last-minute cancelations and are non-refundable. Cancellations within two business days need to be made directly with our local offices by calling them directly (or on the emergency number provided). Cancellations made via email or by calling our U.S. 800 number may not be honored.

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