Hong Kong Premium Guided Tour, and Dinner

Hong Kong Premium Guided Tour, and Dinner

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      Hong Kong, China
      9 Hours
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      $ 124
      • Peak Tram: Ride up to famed  Victoria Peak on the world's steepest funicular. The 125-year-old railway travels 1,320 feet up, and creates the illusion that some of the buildings you pass are leaning at a 45-degree angle.
      • Sky terrace 428: Check out the views from highest viewing platform in Hong Kong. At over 1,400 feet up, the vistas are far, wide, and unbelievably beautiful.
      • Aberdeen fishing village: See Hong Kong's famous floating village. In 1982, the population of boat dwellers was estimated to be about 40,000. Now, most people only use the boats for fishing.
      • Stanley Market: Browse through this amazing market place where you can find genuine Chinese silk garments, authentic Chinese art, and other nice souvenirs. 
      • Star Ferry: Experience a crossing of the harbor on Hong Kong's oldest means of transportation from Hong Kong to Kowloon. The distinct green and white Star ferries offer spectacular views from Victoria Harbor.
      • Old clock tower: Visit this red brick and granite tower built in 1915, now a declared monument. For millions of Chinese immigrants, this was the first sight they saw on their way to a new life.
      • Harbor Cruise Bauhinia: Board this restaurant cruise liner and enjoy a tasty hot and cold, international buffet dinner. Dance to live music, or simply relax and enjoy the glittering views of the city and the harbor.
      • A symphony of lights: While enjoying your dinner, marvel at what Guinness World Records declared to be the "Largest Permanent Light Show," featuring the interactive lights of over 40 buildings on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

      Meeting point

      We offer hotel pick-up from the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. Please meet in the lobby; your guide will be holding a Gray Line Tour sign. Confirm the name of your hotel at checkout, so we know where to pick you up. Cruise ship guest? See our Helpful Hints.

      Helpful hints

      The tour duration of 9 hours does not include the transportation time to pick up travelers from their hotels, en route to the starting point.

      Hotel pick-up : Approx. 12:35 pm - 1:25 pm. Daily Afternoon Departure.

      You may gain a deeper insight of the lifestyle of Hong Kong fishing folks by riding on a sampan (at your own expenses). The itinerary includes a visit to TSL jewelry factory.

      Getting around

      You will be walking for about 2 miles, mostly over paved and uneven paths with lots of steps to climb. If you have limited mobility, this tour may be too challenging for you to enjoy and maintain the pace of the group. It is not wheelchair accessible.

      Activity type

      Boat Tour, Night Life, Entertainment, Food & Wine

      Transportation used

      Air-conditioned Coach, Public Tram, Public Ferry, Dinner Cruise Boat

      Included amenities

      Air-conditioned sightseeing coach
      Guided service
      Tram ticket to the Victoria Peak
      Admission to Sky Terrace 428
      Star Ferry ticket to Kowloon side
      "A Symphony Of Lights" dinner buffet cruise.

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      Tour Participation Requirements

      Activity Level

      This experience is rated moderate. Full participation may require extended periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces, steep terrain and/or water activity in a slight current. There may be steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and extended periods of standing. Participants with physical limitations should take this into account.

      Age restrictions

      As this is an evening tour, and given nature of activity, it may not be suitable for all younger children.

      Special Medical Restriction

      We regret that there is no room for wheelchairs on coaches.

      In 1830, the average British citizen loved a nice cup of tea enough to personally consume over one pound of tea per year. Tea was crucial to the British economy; the duty on tea was 10 per cent of the government's income. And China was the main supplier of tea to the British.

      But the Chinese didn't play fair. They considered the British to be inferior, uncivilized, and even required them to literally kowtow to the emperor. In addition, the Chinese demanded all cash transactions to be paid in silver.

      The Brits, on the other hand, had access to opium from India. Opium was used by the West for medicine; the Chinese smoked it freely for recreation, despite it being addictive. So the British began to trade opium for tea,

      The Chinese had been smoking opium long before the British began importing it. Still, in 1839, to demonstrate against the British for adding to the number of opium addicts in China, the Chinese confiscated and destroyed 20,000 chests of opium in Hong Kong. Bad move–destroying the opium led to war, which led to the Brits claiming Hong Kong as a colony. Which, then led to the signing of the Treaty of Nanking in 1842, when Hong Kong – and its lucrative future – were officially ceded to Britain as a spoil of war. 

      A ceremony which probably took pace over a nice cup of tea.

      Confucius say…

      One reason the British were held in such low esteem by the Chinese in the mid 19th century is because, at that time, Chinese culture was dictated by Confucian tradition. Most of the British in China were merchants, and according to Confucius, those who sought to enrich only themselves ranked right below farmers, and just above slaves. 

      Choose your date and time very carefully. This tour is non-refundable from the time of booking.


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      Hong Kong, China
      Great photo opportunities
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