Private Nishiki Market Foodie Tour with Local Expert

3 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $416 Per Guide (Maximum 6 Guests)

Private Nishiki Market Foodie Tour with Local Expert

3 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $416 Per Guide (Maximum 6 Guests)

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      Private Nishiki Market Foodie Tour with Local Expert

      Kyoto, Japan
      From (USD) $416 Per Guide (Maximum 6 Guests)
      • Nishiki Market: Sample your way through "Kyoto's kitchen," a five-block long network of 100+ shops and restaurants specializing in fresh-caught seafood, fresh and pickled vegetables, miso and other seasonings, sushi, tofu, and knives and cookware. Founded in the 14th century, Nishiki is a must for seasonal and regional delicacies.
      • Washoku: Learn about (and taste) the four types of Kyoto cuisine – obanzai home cooking, kaiseki ceremonial tea sweets, vegetarian shojin-ryori dishes that originated in Zen temples, and yusoku-ryori cuisine of the imperial court. Meet people whose families have plied their trade in this revered market for generations.
      • More than a guide: Even by GoBe standards, your tour leader is special. Known officially as "docents" (from the Latin for teacher), these Ph.D. and M.A.-level experts provide fascinating insights into the history and preparation of Kyoto cuisine – and how to savor its subtleties.
      • Your group, your tour: This private experience lets you set the departure time and the pace that works for your group's interests. The tour usually runs about three hours, but even that's flexible.
      About This Kyoto Tour

      It seemed a divine gift: a steady flow of pure water that made cooling possible in the centuries before refrigeration. The Shinto shrine built by grateful locals still marks the birthplace of Nishiki Market, and it's where this private immersion in traditional Japanese cuisine begins.

      Your docent – usually a chef, writer, or food historian – will then lead you through the market's densely packed shops and stalls, providing the expertise you need to appreciate what would otherwise seem a bewildering array of traditional regional delicacies at each stop. And that's not counting lunch, which comes with fascinating traditions of its own.
      As you sample the four types of Washoku cuisine, you'll also learn the two basic concepts behind their preparation: Shun (ingredients that have reached their seasonal peak, along with presentation and tableware), and umami, the "savory" member of the five tastes detectable by humans. Most appropriate for an experience you'll savor forever – one that's essential to capturing the true flavor of Kyoto.

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