Rhino Snorkeling Expedition to Cades Reef

Rhino Snorkeling Expedition to Cades Reef

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      St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda
      3.5 Hours
      Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship
      From (USD)
      $ 119
      • Guided tour: Board your air-conditioned vehicle and ride through Antigua’s rich countryside, as your personal guide tell you all about the local villages and West Indian culture, on route to Jolly Harbour embarkation point.
      • Motorboat adventure: Aye Aye Captain! You take full control of this 2-seat, inflatable Rhino motorboat for a lovely, scenic ride down the coast.
      • Snorkeling: Submerge yourself to an exotic underwater world at Cades Reef! On your adventure, you will encounter an array of marine life including parrotfish, damselfish, grunts and angelfish. 
      • Free time: If you rather take it easy, you can opt to relax and soak up the sun aboard the boat, and take in the fantastic scenery. 
      • Beverages included: With all the excitement, it’s important to stay hydrated and we’ve got you covered with refreshing water and juice. 
      • Equipment included: Just bring your sense of adventure! We provide you with fins, snorkel, mask and a buoyancy belt. 
      • Bring the little ones: This exciting tour is suitable for children ages 6 and up.

      Meeting point

      Staying in a hotel or on a cruise? Please proceed to the Exotica Antigua Boutique, Redcliffe Quay, St John's to meet your guide. This is a 3 minute walk from the cruise ship terminal.

      Helpful hints

      Travelers prone to motion sickness should take precautions. Those seeking to drive alone will need to pay for the two persons allocated per craft. This tour is not suitable for non-swimmers. 

      Getting around

      The Rhino Adventure location has flat concrete paths and is easily accessible. You must be able to get on/off of the boats unassisted.

      Activity type

      Adventure, Family Friendly, Beach, Scenic, Water Sports

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      Included amenities

      Equipment provided includes mask, snorkel, fins, and buoyancy belt
      Soft Beverage



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      Tour Participation Requirements

      Activity Level

      This experience is rated moderate. Full participation may require extended periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces, steep terrain and/or water activity in a slight current. There may be steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and extended periods of standing. Participants with physical limitations should take this into account.

      Age restrictions

      Travelers must be at least 6 years of age to participate on this tour, and at least 18 years of age to drive the boat alone.

      Weight restrictions

      You must weigh between 50 and 400 pounds to participate in this tour.

      Special Medical Restriction

      This tour is only suited to travelers in good physical condition. It is not recommended to you if you suffer from seizures, have heart, back, neck, respiratory, or shoulder problems, recently had surgery, or are pregnant.

      Cades Reef is an exotic undersea world filled with fascinating sights and sounds. But in a way, some of it seems familiar. You might even say ... human.

      On this snorkeling adventure, listen carefully and you might hear French Grunts and Blue-Striped Grunts grinding their teeth, a sound amplified by their air bladders. You'd think there's an evolutionary purpose to this behavior, like it's their way of finding a significant other. Or maybe it's a nervous habit, like it is with us – the sight of big-finned, masked humans exploring their homes makes them uneasy. Either way, at least you'll know the reason they're called grunts (although now you wonder why they're not called grinds). Feel free to grunt back that you come in peace.

      If your hearing's especially good – and sound does carry well underwater – you might hear a faint swishing sound: the polka-dotted Smooth Trunkfish blowing little jets of water at the sand, trying to uncover food. Who hasn't had to blow sand off lunch at the beach?

      That pretty blue creature is the Four-eyed Butterflyfish. No, the other fish don't make fun of its poor vision; the black spots on each side of its tail make it look like it has eyes in the back of its head, discouraging predators from sneaking up.

      Keep your eye out for the orangey-red Squirrelfish, complete with jagged, spiky mohawk fin; if the reef were a high school, this guy would be the rebellious punk-rocker. Then there's the schoolyard bully: the Great Barracuda. Just like its human counterpart, it keeps its distance, relying on its tough-guy rep to avoid confrontation. And if you see a fish that looks like Finding Nemo's Dory, it's a Blue Tang – just like in the film, tangs are the helpful type, peacefully snacking on algae to keep the reef healthy.

      It’s certainly accurate to say that exploring this complex marine ecosystem is a unique and exciting experience. On the other hand, it won't be entirely unfamiliar. So soak up some Antiguan sun and make some new underwater friends.

      Hungry as a seahorse

      Among the creatures that make Cades Reef their home are seahorses, so don't be surprised if one sidles up alongside you. Interestingly, seahorses don't have stomachs; they eat non-stop, suggesting that a revision of our expression for voracious humans may be in order.

      Non-refundable if canceled within 24 hours of requested services.


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      St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda
      Great photo opportunities
      Change of clothes
      Wear sunscreen
      Bring Towel
      Wear Sunglasses
      Wear Hat
      Swim wear
      Bring water shoes

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