The Art of Cigar Rolling at Graycliff Cigar Company, with Rum Tasting

The Art of Cigar Rolling at Graycliff Cigar Company, with Rum Tasting

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      Nassau, Bahamas
      1.5 Hours
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      • Graycliff Cigar Company: This award-winning, boutique producer of fine cigars carries on the legacy of its first Master Torcedore, who was once Fidel Castro's personal roller.
      • Tobacco education: You'll learn the history of tobacco, where the best leaves are grown, and how to blend them to create Graycliff Cigar Company's hand-rolled masterpieces.
      • Cigar rolling: Under the guidance of Graycliff's master craftsmen, you'll sort, clean, and roll your own cigar. It's yours to keep, along with another Graycliff cigar and a cutter.
      • Rum tasting: Sip and savor pours of this favored sugarcane-based spirit from world-renowned producers from the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean islands.

      Meeting point

      Please make your way to Graycliff Cigar Company, located within the Graycliff Hotel property: 8 thru 12 West Hill Street, Nassau.

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      With a minimum of 10 travelers, and with an advance request to the GoBe crew, this tour can be conducted in Spanish, French or Italian.

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      This tour has a moderate amount of walking and there are stairs to climb. This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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      This experience is rated mild. To participate fully, you may be required to walk over primarily even surfaces at a leisurely pace. You may encounter a limited number of steps, cobblestones, or uneven surfaces, and you may have to stand for extended periods of time.

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      Suitable for travelers 18 years of age and younger.

      Ah, the Graycliff. Once a pirate's mansion, now a luxurious boutique hotel and five-star restaurant. Wonderful, yes, but owner Enrico Garzaroli didn't stop there. He loved a good cigar, but felt none on the market lived up to the cuisine served in Graycliff's restaurant. Like any sensible entrepreneur, he hired Fidel Castro's former personal cigar roller, Master Torcedore Avelino Lara, to create a signature blend. And so Graycliff Cigar Company was born in 1997.

      Since that date, the company has grown to a staff of 16 master rollers and wowed the cigar-smoking world. Graycliff's trophy shelf is filled with several prestigious awards, including France’s Club Cigare’s 2001 Cigar of the Year Award, The Robb Report’s Best of the Best in 2003 for the Crystal and again in 2004 for the Espresso, and the Chateau Grand Cru in 2006, also earning accolades from, including Best Boutique Cigar Company.

      After a brief lesson on the history of tobacco, where the best leaves are grown, and exactly which ones to blend for the superior flavor in Graycliff's award-winning cigars, it's time to roll. You'll learn how to sort, clean, and roll a cigar. As mementos (and proof) of your experience as a real torcedore, you'll bring home your own hand-rolled cigar, plus another Graycliff masterpiece, as well as a cigar cutter.

      But that's not the end of this experience. You'll also hoist glasses of rum. (Remember, Graycliff's original owner was a pirate, after all.) Sipping on the Bahamas' very own Bacardi and sampling other first-class rums, including Mount Gay, Barbancourt, and many more, from around the Caribbean isles. All the better to toast the GoBe good life.

      Gruesome nickname

      The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 marked Britain's most glorious naval victory and, sadly, Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson's death. To preserve the returning hero's body for a state burial, the crew submerged him in a cask of rum. But, by the time the ship docked, there wasn't a drop of liquor left. Seems some crafty sailors drilled a hole in the cask to keep the rum flowing. That's why this spirit is sometimes called Nelson's Blood. Nickname aside, your rum tastings will be corpse-free.

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      Nassau, Bahamas
      Nassau, Bahamas
      Great photo opportunities
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