Guided Jet Ski Tour

Guided Jet Ski Tour

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      Willemstad, Curacao
      1 Hour
      Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship
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      $ 145
      • Jet Ski: If you're looking for active, full-throttle fun, these agile, powerful two-seaters are a blast, slicing through the waters off the south coast on a course that passes mangrove stands and tiny islands. You could see turtles, flying fish, even dolphins.
      • Take the plunge: You'll pause for a refreshing swim and soft drink at one of Curacao's best beaches. Keep your eyes open for colorful tropical fish darting through the crystal-clear water.
      • Mountains, forts, and multimillion-dollar yachts and villas: See the long, flat summit of Tafelberg (Table Mountain), the vacation home of the Dutch queen, and the old "Quarantine House," a former manor estate built in 1700 that later housed sick sailors; just north is Fort Beekenburg, built by Dutch colonists in 1703 to guard the bay and the Spanish Water lagoon.

      Meeting point

      Arriving on a ship? Please meet your guide in the bus car park outside your cruise terminal. Staying in a hotel? Pick ups can be made between Willemstad and Caracas Bay. Please name your ship or hotel at check-out so we know where to meet you.

      Helpful hints

      Maximum 1 driver per jet ski and 1 rider.

      Please note that all departure times are based on the LOCAL time in port. Pick ups can be made at hotels located between Willemstad and Caracas Bay for an additional cost. This option will be made available to you at checkout. Second rider can also drive the Jetski at the halfway point, as changes from steering position can be made at that time, if requested.

      Getting around

      Traveler must be able to walk approximately 0.25 miles over varying surfaces and stairs. Must be to climb up/down stairs to the boat platform unassisted. Tour is not wheelchair accessible. Ride will be bumpy

      Activity type

      Adventure, Water Sports

      Transportation used

      Jet Ski



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      Tour Participation Requirements

      Activity Level

      This experience is rated strenuous. Travelers must consider their physical fitness level and medical history when determining whether this tour is appropriate. Travelers with pre-existing neck, back, knee and/or shoulder injuries, cardiac conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, other heart or respiratory conditions or any other medical condition must take particular caution when selecting a tour categorized as "strenuous". If you have concerns, you must consult with your personal physician before engaging in any activity that may be too strenuous for you.

      Age restrictions

      Travelers must be 18 years or older to drive the Jetski. Riders must be 12 years or older.

      Weight restrictions

      Travelers maximum weight for 2 persons is 180 kg. One person should not weight more then 100 kg.

      Special Medical Restriction

      Avoid alcohol before water activities.

      Jet Ski. Personal watercraft. Water scooter. Aqua bike. Blaster. XLT. GTI. EX. VX. STX. GTX. Skidding, spinning, and railing. For the uninitiated, it's all a confusing jumble of brand and model names, generic terms that fail to convey the fun, seemingly random letter combinations (except for the X, which gets quite a workout), and esoteric lingo.

      No worries. If this is your first time, just listen to the safety briefing and follow your guide.

      If it's not your first time ... well, still listen to the safety briefing. Then follow your instincts and your guide.

      The waters around Curacao are subject to trade winds and currents that set up particular conditions. Experienced riders can gauge them with a glance. (Newbies should watch where the guide glances.) So know that the craft you'll ride was chosen because it's perfect for those conditions – stable enough to let you enjoy the scenery, fast enough to elicit X-type exclamations, and nimble enough for a little showing off. (Newbies: Give yourselves 15+ minutes.)

      Happily, this is one of those times when being new to something doesn't feel like you just knocked over a row of Harleys with your Vespa. It's not about knowing how to bounce the notch, or the relative advantages of the XP vs. the XP-X. It's about having a great time on a pretty awesome machine, and learning more about the island you came all this way to see. Regardless of skill level, that's what you'll do.

      BTW: "Bouncing the notch" isn't even a thing. Although, after maybe 20 minutes, you could make it one.

      Climate unchanged

      In addition to an advantageous location outside the Caribbean hurricane belt, Curacao is blessed with temperatures that make forecasts pre-recordable. September is the warmest month, averaging 84 degrees; in the wintry depths of January, temps plunge to 80. The trade winds seal it all with a soft kiss, blowing cool during the day and warm at night, but only strong enough to stir up surfable waves on the north coast.

      Non-refundable if canceled within 48 hours of requested services.


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      Willemstad, Curacao
      Bring water shoes
      Wear light clothing
      Wear Sunglasses
      Swim wear

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