Curacao Private Deep-Sea Fishing Charter

8 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $875 Per Vessel

Curacao Private Deep-Sea Fishing Charter

8 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $875 Per Vessel

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      Curacao Private Deep-Sea Fishing Charter

      Willemstad, Curacao
      From (USD) $875 Per Vessel
      • The quarry: The waters around the island are the domain of marlin, sailfish, swordfish, tuna, wahoo, kingfish, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and other prized predators.
      • The odds: Good. The skipper knows all the prime spots, and the crew knows the tried-and-true techniques. Whether this is your first charter or your den walls are lined with trophy catches, the boat is likely to have a few extra occupants on the return trip.
      • The gear: You need the right rod, reel, and bait to battle these beasts, and we provide it all. The fully equipped boat comes complete with a bar serving beer, juice, water, soda, and snacks.
      • The beach: The 8-hour charter includes a break for lunch at a beach on the main island or on Klein Curacao, a tiny island eight miles off the southeast coast with an abandoned lighthouse.
      About This Willemstad Tour

      Curacao sport-fishing is no day at the beach. This is an experience for people looking for a fight.

      We're talking beastly brutes weighing hundreds of pounds; a quarter-ton marlin wouldn't be out of the ordinary. They do nothing but prowl for prey that's often only slightly smaller than they are. And anything that interferes – like a hook attached to your rod inside their mouth – turns an already surly disposition into primal rage.

      Keep in mind that some of the predators you're going after can hit interstate highway speeds with a few tail flicks. That takes a lot of muscle, and they use all of it in their frenzied fight for survival. One minute you're sipping a cold one and admiring the vacation villas on the coast; next your big reel is whizzing at alarming decibels as a crewman rushes over with calming advice and steady hands. Never has "Get a grip" been more appropriate.

      Part of you remembers Roy Scheider in Jaws: "We're gonna need a bigger boat." (BTW, sharks are possible.) But another part of you tamps down the panic – and fights back. Now it's about time and technique – a test of wills. You could be back to your beer (and trying to hide the fact that your hands are shaking) in 15 minutes. Or you could be rockin' and reelin' for more than an hour. In which case you'll really need that beer.

      Rest assured that the captain always provisions the boat for success, so there's plenty.

      A farewell to arms

      It doesn't have the panache of a billfish with a fearsome sword jutting from its snout, but the yellowfin tuna is no chicken of the sea. Fast, powerful, and weighing up to 400 pounds, yellowfins twist and leap furiously, putting a major strain on suddenly C-shaped rods – and you. No less a sportsman than Ernest Hemingway spent years perfecting his tuna technique, which, on one occasion, involved blasting sharks threatening his catch with a Thompson submachine gun – hardly sporting, but fittingly manly, and now illegal.

      Getting prepared
      Tour Participation Requirements
      Change of clothes Change of clothes
      Wear sunscreen Wear sunscreen
      Bring Towel Bring Towel
      Great photo opportunities Great photo opportunities
      Bring water shoes Bring water shoes
      Wear light clothing Wear light clothing
      Wear Sunglasses Wear Sunglasses
      Wear Hat Wear Hat
      Cancellation policy

      Non-refundable if canceled within 48 hours of requested services.

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