Private Klein Curacao Speedboat Adventure

5.5 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $117 Per Adult

Private Klein Curacao Speedboat Adventure

5.5 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $117 Per Adult

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      Private Klein Curacao Speedboat Adventure

      Willemstad, Curacao
      From (USD) $117 Per Adult
      • Klein Curacao lighthouse: This 66’ watchtower flanked by twin 2-story keepers’ dwellings began its lonely sentry in 1850.  It was rebuilt twice in the wake of devastating hurricanes, the last in 1913, before being abandoned.
      • Maria Bianca Guidesman Tanker: One of the few shipwrecks dotting the immediate shoreline whose actual skeleton moderately remains.
      • 38’ speedboat taxi: It’s fast, it’s jarring, and it will test your mettle, but it’s still the lowest price for the fastest, safest trip to Klein Curacao. It also happens to be your most promising Kings X against a seasick trip to the island.
      • Package provisions: We’ve got you covered with snorkel, masks, snorkels, and snorkel vests. You can add-on extras onboard, such as swim fins and refreshments.
      About This Willemstad Tour

      Things may go bump in the night on Klein Curacao, but during the daytime it’s one of the hush-hush treasures of snorkelers and divers throughout the Caribbean. Because this tiny island is a good seven miles of turbulence off the southeastern tip of Curacao; however, Fate has determined that those who seek its hidden gems must prove their worthiness first in the journey getting there.

      Sunglasses are a must, if only because when you arrive you’ll lift your eyes to one of the most blindingly white virgin coral beaches on earth. Of course, the snorkel gear on board is so tempting that a swimmer or two might never make it to the beach.  For the rest of us, though, it might be time to slather on the sunscreen, buy an ice-cold beer, and kick it back on those amazing virgin sands. 

      After some sun, reach for a camera and mentally replace the image of every aqua bay and teal blue cay in your memory banks.  On sunny Klein Curacao, ocean meets sky in literal bands of electric blues and greens rarely glimpsed anywhere but Photoshop. Click-click, or no one at home will ever believe it. Then swim to the coral reef, known for its unusual proximity to shore and the colorful playground it creates for fish and fish-watchers alike.

      The vertical drop-off is a magnet for divers, but in the clarity of this water even snorkelers love the plummet. It’s your opportunity to stay up top and still goggle the bigger sea creatures partial to the depths. This area is famous for the density and diversity of its marine life. In fact, for centuries the island has been a nesting ground for sea turtles, so don’t be surprised if one shows up to swim beside you.

      On the southern side of the atoll, wander scattered remains of the ships that underestimated storms and jagged coral. Most have been eroded and pounded to obscurity by the merciless Caribbean. Two remain: A once luxurious 30-foot yacht, and the Maria Bianca Guidesman oil tanker. Both point mutely to the significance of an old, abandoned lighthouse at the center of the island surrounded by barren hardscrabble and very little else. As you stand there, wondering if it’s worth the walk, the answer is yes. Only by embracing the prismatic sea to your back and the ruins ahead will you truly “get” the amazing contradiction that is Klein Curacao.

      Admittedly, much of the island is stark. It’s haunting. But it’s a haunting beauty that is, all things considered, the perfect setting to show off the real gems on this island of extremes.

      I ain’t afraid o’ no ghost

      For a tiny postage stamp of an island, big legends swirl around Klein Curacao. No one seems to doubt the fact that it’s haunted. Question is, “By whom?” Some say it’s the ghosts of pirates who pillaged along this route. Others suspect the angry, restless spirits of an even grimmer chapter of history, the 17th century slave trade, when souls too sick from the voyage were quarantined on Klein Curacao. Some recovered enough to be trafficked onward. The rest met only death and burial there. Most people, though, swear it is the ghost of an English sea captain once stranded on these shores, forever after to live – and die – alone. His name is lost to history, but his frustrated spirit is said to haunted.

      Getting prepared
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      Great photo opportunities Great photo opportunities
      Change of clothes Change of clothes
      Wear sunscreen Wear sunscreen
      Bring snack Bring snack
      Wear comfortable shoes Wear comfortable shoes
      Wear light clothing Wear light clothing
      Wear Sunglasses Wear Sunglasses
      Swim wear Swim wear
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