Private Sunset Boat Tour

2.25 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $875 Per Vessel

Private Sunset Boat Tour

2.25 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $875 Per Vessel

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      Private Sunset Boat Tour

      Willemstad, Curacao
      From (USD) $875 Per Vessel
      • The magic: Photographers call it the "golden" or "magic" hour – the time when the angle of the sinking sun casts a gorgeous glow. When it's the beautiful Caribbean Sea that it's sinking into, and when you're sharing it with the people most important to you, the moment is even more magical.
      • The scenery: Your course takes you from Caracas Bay to the Spanish Water lagoon, stopping in peaceful Jan Thiel and Fuik bays and taking in views of Fort Beekenburg, rocky shores, coves, handsome villas tucked into cliffs, and the unmistakable profile of Table Mountain.
      • The spread: Nibble on an assortment of tasty snacks that includes smoked meats and fresh pastries, along with your choice of wine, beer, soda, punch, juice, and water.
      About This Willemstad Tour

      It's fitting that this golden hour cruise sails to the pretty lagoon called Spanish Water, because the first Europeans there were Spanish – who, as always, were looking for gold. They left disappointed in 1624, leaving Curacao to the Dutch – who, as always, were all about business. They turned Willemstad into a bustling commercial port. But these staid men of commerce were not without a sense of humor, and they drily named the lagoon Spaanse Water. It was a subtle snicker at Spaniards who didn't recognize a golden opportunity when they anchored in it.

      Because there was, indeed, gold to be made in Curacao. It had to come from the sale of salt and phosphates, which came from shallow ponds drying in the sun (they're still there) and mining, but the Dutch settlers believed that an enterprising nature paid off handsomely in Heaven.

      Their wry humor notwithstanding, they were less imaginative when it came to christening the crop-topped peak southeast of Spanish Water. Dutch merchants were by this time hard at work in South Africa, where they changed the name of Capetown's now-iconic Table Mountain from the Portuguese Taboa do Cabo to the more Dutch Tafelberg. Their Curacao kinsmen gave the same name to their smaller version, which has now been mined for centuries – to the point where the distinctive flat top is partially whittled away.

      Recognizing the value of an iconic natural landmark, the island's enterprising modern merchants mandated that miners dig down from the summit plateau, instead of carving around it. Ensuring that your view of Tafelberg is one of many golden moments on this cruise.

      Curacao's first waterfront property

      Cradled by green hills and lined by vacation villas and fine restaurants, Spanish Water is a naturally calm harbor where yachts and sailboats barely bob. Arawak Indians had arrived centuries before the first Europeans, settling on the inlet where a luxury golf resort now stands. It's believed they paddled north in dugout canoes on Amazon Rainforest rivers – a distance of perhaps 1,000 miles, with no wine or cheese. On the plus side, the 40 miles between South America and Curacao would have involved multiple Caribbean sunsets.

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