Samana Zipline Jungle Adventure

5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $75 Per Adult / $55 Per Child

Samana Zipline Jungle Adventure

5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $75 Per Adult / $55 Per Child

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      Samana Zipline Jungle Adventure

      Samana, Dominican Republic
      From (USD) $75 Per Adult / $55 Per Child
      • Zipline adventure: You control the speed, up to 40 miles per hour, as you zoom from platform to platform over the jungle treetops. The thrill is still fresh from your last run when you set off on the next.
      • Experienced instructors: Your expert guides will teach you everything you need to know about using your equipment, so you can stay safe and have a blast.
      • Beauty of the rainforest: Enjoy thrilling views of the bay, the peninsula, and the abundance of plants, trees, flowers, fruits, and birds in the lush island jungle.
      About This Samana Tour

      Remember when you were a kid on your bike, flying down a hill at breakneck speed, and it was the most exhilarating feeling you ever knew? Well, this is a little like that. Except you're way high up, and on a lush tropical island in the Caribbean. This is exhilaration times infinity, an adrenaline rush as you zoom over the jungle canopy, hundreds of feet above the ground.

      You control the speed as you careen from platform to platform. You'll let out a scream (most people can't help it), but it's a scream of pure delight as you fly above some of the most spectacular flora and fauna in the Caribbean. Whether you take the time to appreciate that, or the unbelievable views of Samana Bay, is completely up to you. You may only be there to feed your need for speed, and that's perfectly acceptable.

      Of course, if you are a nature lover, then you're really getting two adventures in one. So take the time to appreciate the incredible natural beauty of the place. Or just shut your eyes ... and jump.

      Everyone wants a piece of this

      The spectacular beauty of the Dominican Republic has been coveted by France, Spain, the U.S., Germany, and any number of pirates. In 1869, President Ulysses S. Grant nearly purchased the country for $1.5 million, and leased the Samana Peninsula for 99 years, but that deal was nixed by the U.S. Senate. During World War I, with word that Germany was trying to gain a foothold in the region, the U.S. swooped in and actually occupied the area.

      Getting prepared
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      Wear Sunglasses Wear Sunglasses
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