Walk Under Water: the Sea Trek Experience

1.25 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $97 Per Person (Minimum 2)

Walk Under Water: the Sea Trek Experience

1.25 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $97 Per Person (Minimum 2)

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      Walk Under Water: the Sea Trek Experience

      San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
      From (USD) $97 Per Person (Minimum 2)
      • Sea trekking:  There's no cumbersome gear or special certification required. All you need is a quick orientation and safety briefing before you head into the water.
      • No gills, no problem: A specially designed helmet holds air and keeps your head dry, with enough weight to keep you balanced as you walk. You can even wear glasses.
      • Marine life: Follow a designated path on the seabed into technicolor clouds of tropical fish swarming around the reef. See eels, scallops, starfish, turtles, and more.
      About this San Pedro, Ambergris Caye tour

      Humans lost the ability to breathe underwater some 370 million years ago. For the most part, we've been okay with that – who wants prune fingers all the time? But a stubborn few kept trying to overcome the limitations of lungs. Using a reed as a snorkel dates back to at least 500 B.C. and diving bells came a couple of centuries later. Leonardo da Vinci designed underwater air tanks, but didn't share details because, anticipating navy frogmen by more than six centuries, he feared we'd use the technology to sink ships and kill. As if!

      The 19th century brought bulky deep-sea diving suits, the 20th scuba and snorkeling equipment. But now there's the Sea Trek system, a revolution in the evolution of underwater exploring. It's a helmet that weighs just 15 pounds underwater – light enough for mobility, heavy enough to keep your feet on the sea floor – connected to a topside air pump. And it gives you a full range of motion as you explore the amazing Belize reefs.

      It's an incredible sensation – NASA uses systems like this to train astronauts for zero-G maneuvering. Walk, jump, dance, whatever floats your boat. It'll be the best fun you've had since the Paleozoic Era.

      Leonardo was right

      Da Vinci's fear that underwater breathing would lead to underwater warfare may have been based on Scyllis, a Greek warrior captured by the Persians in 480 B.C. Brought aboard the king's ship, Scyllis overheard plans for a naval attack and jumped overboard, hiding underwater by breathing through a reed. When night fell he set the king's ships adrift by cutting the mooring lines, then swam nine miles to warn the Greek navy. 

      Getting prepared
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      Swim wear Swim wear
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