Rio Celeste Hike and Swim at Tenorio Volcano National Park

8 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $163 Per Person (Minimum 4)

Rio Celeste Hike and Swim at Tenorio Volcano National Park

8 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $163 Per Person (Minimum 4)

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      Rio Celeste Hike and Swim at Tenorio Volcano National Park

      Arenal, Costa Rica
      From (USD) $163 Per Person (Minimum 4)
      • National Park: Hike a four-mile rainforest trail through a pristine conservation area crowned by the 6,300-foot Tenorio Volcano. Your guide points out the magnificent flora and fauna that makes this part of Costa Rica one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.
      • Rio Celeste: More than a river, more even than a natural phenomenon, this is where the celestial sphere meets the mountain's mysteries and flows into the water, magically tinting lagoons and cascading falls a heavenly sky-blue.
      • Lunch and free time: Kick back with a picnic by the water featuring authentic Costa Rican cuisine wrapped in plantain leaves. Then laze in the river, walk the boulders dotting the shore, or spend some quiet moments among the flowers and trees.
      About This Arenal Tour

      Rio Celeste is a river and a place so mystically beautiful, with clouds hovering over the volcano and birds and butterflies flitting through the forest, that you may not want its mysteries explained. So, spoiler alert: scientific theory ahead.

      The heavenly blue tint of the Rio Celeste comes from the convergence of two colorless tributaries, one with an abundance of concentrated aluminosilicate particles, one highly acidic with volcanic sulfur. At the spot where the waters meet, the sudden drop in pH causes a phenomenon of particle physics called Mies scattering, limiting reflected light to a specific wavelength.
      You'll see that convergence point, where clear water suddenly turns sky blue. It's called Los Tenideros – "the tinters." People had to explain the color change somehow in the centuries before Dr. Mies figured things out, so they attributed the magnificent turquoise to celestial beings who had dyed the water.
      With the arrival of Christianity, those gods became Almighty God, and the tale was adapted: In the beginning, when He created the heavens and the earth and finished painting the sky blue, He washed His brushes in the Rio Celeste. Why He used brushes instead of a roller for such a vast expanse is open to theological debate; what can't be argued is that this lush riverine slice of heaven, with its waterfalls, hot springs, and lagoons, bestows a blissful tranquility that transcends rational explanation.
      Sorry, Dr. Mies.
      They were fruitful, and multiplied 
      While the good Lord was cleaning His paintbrushes in the river, He must have been divinely inspired to populate this Costa Rican Eden. It's home to an extraordinary variety of wildlife, including  jaguars, cougars, ocelots, margays, tapirs, anteaters, coatis, raccoons, three monkey species, and hundreds of types of birds, from falcons and turkey vultures to hummingbirds, bellbirds, and the crested guan. 

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