Neretva River Rafting Adventure

8.75 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $280 Per Person

Neretva River Rafting Adventure

8.75 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $280 Per Person

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      Neretva River Rafting Adventure

      Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
      From (USD) $280 Per Person
      • Cliff jumping: Hold your breath and leap from stone bluffs into the river, then get a feel for the powerful forces of nature by swimming around its whirling rapids.
      • Adventure fuel: Start with breakfast in a Konjic restaurant. Later, then dig into a Bosnian barbecue lunch of grilled meat, veggies, and pita bread while overlooking the picturesque Rakytnica canyon.
      About this Mostar tour

      The din of rushing water slowly grows louder. The skipper calls out, identifying the source of the noise: A small spring is splashing down into the river ahead of you, directly in the path of your raft.

       You and your fellow paddlers collectively muster up enough force to adjust course to the left, and you manage to escape the spring with just a light misting. Wiping the moisture from your face, you pause for a moment to glance up at the rocky walls around you. The light-colored stone gives way to a thick row of green trees and a line of mountains beyond.

      Another yell jars you from your reverie. Your skipper is barking commands and making hurried motions with his hand. Following his gestures, you see what he's talking about – your raft is on a collision course with what they call "big water," a particularly treacherous stretch of river with the ability to overturn even experienced kayakers.

      Staring down the churning white waters – they seem angry that you would even attempt to challenge them – your heartbeat quickens. Your hand tightens around your paddle as you prepare to go toe-to-toe with one of nature's wildest forces. You'll quickly find out if you're up to the challenge.

       Troubled bridge over water

      The Neretva River was the site of a pivotal World War II battle, when Yugoslav partisans repelled a Nazi advance at Konjic and points west. Croatian director Veljko Bulajic directed a movie about the Battle of the Neretva in 1969 starring Orson Welles and Yul Brynner. Bulajic decided to film on-site and blow up an actual bridge. Though the film's crew destroyed the bridge twice, Bulajic never got the shot: smoke from the fire blocked the camera, and he was forced to use a small-scale replica. The actual destroyed bridge still lies partially in the river as a monument to Yugoslav resistance.

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