Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Walking Tour

2 Hours
Group Activity
Cruise Friendly

From (USD) $39 Per Person

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Walking Tour

2 Hours
Group Activity
Cruise Friendly

From (USD) $39 Per Person

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      Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Walking Tour

      Dubrovnik, Croatia
      From (USD) $39 Per Person
      • Dubrovnik King's Landing: No stranger to centuries of treachery and siege fever dreams, learn why the city is perfectly suited as the stand-in for the capital of the Seven Kingdoms and the seat of the heavily disputed Iron Throne.
      • Old Town: Revel in Dubrovnik's fearsome forts, majestic mile-plus system of medieval stone walls, gigantic gates, and don't-even-think-about-it drawbridges.
      • Expert Guide: Locations and commentary are accentuated by filming secrets only an eyewitness would know, plus large screenshot photos from each relevant episode.
      About this Dubrovnik tour

      "The Lord of Light wants his enemies burned. The Drowned God wants his enemies drowned...where is the god of tits and wine?"

      You might know that resident bad boy Tyrion Lannister uttered this little ditty of rhetorical fatalism in Season 2, Episode 8 of the Game of Thrones. But did you know that the scene was shot at the seaside wall of Dubrovnik's Fort Bokar? And that you can go to the exact spot?

      Well by the grace of the Seven, you sure can. And whether you're a diehard devotee or don't know a direwolf from a dire strait, there’s no need to fear – a sharp-as-dragonglass local guide, expert in all things GoT, shepherds you to the many shooting locations around an Old Town that has more Gothic nooks and crannies than you can shake a Valyrian steel broadsword at. Take it from executive producer D.B. Weiss, who said, "To find a full-on, immaculately preserved medieval walled city that actually looks uncannily like King's Landing, where the bulk of our show is set – that was in and of itself such an amazing find."

      Relive the Battle of Blackwater Bay (Fort Lovrijinac, the show's Red Keep), the Joffrey-gets-a-cowpie-in-his-face riot in the streets (just inside Pile Gate), the House of Undying, where Daenerys enters after her dragons are stolen (Minceta Tower), Queen Cersei's naked walk of shame (the Stradun), and the murderous Purple Wedding reception (Gradac Park). Then prepare for next season, when you can announce to the insolent vassals in your viewing party, "Behold the glory of my selfie and kneel before me, for I have journeyed to Westeros and inside King's Landing. And lived to tell the tale!"

      George R.R. Martin on Dubrovnik

      "The first time I saw it, it was night and we walked down to the walled city, through these thick medieval gates, and inside. The moon was out and the white stone just seemed to be glowing in the moonlight. The whole city was shining. The streets are solid stone, and so many thousands of people have walked on them over the centuries that they are worn smooth, almost like a gemstone. It’s a really beautiful place."

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