The Homeland War in Dubrovnik: Roots, Realities, and Revitalization

1 Hour
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $17 Per Person

The Homeland War in Dubrovnik: Roots, Realities, and Revitalization

1 Hour
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $17 Per Person

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      The Homeland War in Dubrovnik: Roots, Realities, and Revitalization

      Dubrovnik, Croatia
      From (USD) $17 Per Person
      • Old Town: Go back to a time in recent history when the noise was deafening and the city walls shook from months of siege fire.
      • Structural Survival: See renovated houses that took direct hits when shells rained down on the town.
      • Your Guide’s Eyewitness Perspective: There's nothing like placing a face to an historical drama to help us to better understand the human dimension, misconceptions, and deeper truths of conflict.
      About this Dubrovnik tour

      For centuries, the Balkans have been one of Europe's cauldrons, a hotspot where various empires and ethnic groups have battled each other for territory. After the breakup of the socialist nation of Yugoslavia, the region boiled over and plunged into a bloody dismemberment, with Dubrovnik becoming a main theater of the macabre.

      When Croatia declared independence on June 25, 1991, its neighbors became enraged. Some wanted to keep a confederation together, some wanted land, and some wanted retribution for perceived past grievances. By the end of the year, roughly a third of the country was occupied by the JNA, the Yugoslav Army.

      Not Dubrovnik, however. But boy, did the JNA want it. Not just for strategic reasons, but for psychological, too, since the city has long been renowned as the jewel of the Dalmatian coast. And although Dubrovnik was already listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, something that warrants protection and preservation, it mattered little to the JNA, rebel Serbs, and volunteers from Montenegro. Their joint siege lasted for months, an assault of artillery and sniper fire that left more than 100 residents dead and resulted in damage to more than half the city's buildings, as well as its stone walls. Yet the siege failed, thanks to the strength of the medieval walls, the bravery of a ragtag group of Croatian fighters, and the inner fortitude of the populace. 

      Today, the siege’s damage isn’t easy to spot at first glance. However, as one strolls around the walls and looks out at the rooftops, a tell-tale sign is a non-uniformity in the color of the tiles; more than half of the city's roofs sustained hits and needed postwar repair, yet the local producer of the tiles had closed in the 1950s. Eventually, the brighter tiles will weather and blend in with the originals. And these battle scars will fade into just another chapter of the city's centuries-old history of power struggles, sieges, and, ultimately, the triumphant restoration of peace and harmony.

      Orange is the

      The traditional tiles used in Dubrovnik were called "Kupe Kanalice," originally hand-manufactured in the shape of a thigh (during the Middle Ages the thighs of human models were used to mould the tiles). Restorers were forced to use imported French replacements that, although of the right size and shape, were of a slightly different hue. The patchwork of old and new simultaneously creates a symbolic dichotomy – the legacy of the perversions of war on one hand, and the perseverance of a people on the other.

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