Private Guided Tour: See Bonifacio Your Way

Bonifacio, France

Guided Jet Ski Adventure: Bonifacio and Lavezzi Islands

Bonifacio, Corsica, France

Private Corsica Sightseeing Tour: Bavella Peaks and Mountain Village of Zonza

Bonifacio, Corsica, France

Why Visit?

Balanced precariously on craggy cliffs far above the azure sea, Bonifacio blends the legacy of an ancient fortress town with the spirit of a fashionable resort. Corsica offers a decidedly laid back way of life; some say it's a little more Italian, others say it's more laid-back French. We think it's what makes Corsica so difficult to say adieu to. Meander the picturesque Old Town, check out the stylish yachting scene (or park yours if you're arriving by sea), and be sure to leave time to explore the many beaches that Bonifacio and environs offer.