The Famous Berlin Wall: Explore the Past by Bike with Private Guide

3.5 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $490 Per Guide

The Famous Berlin Wall: Explore the Past by Bike with Private Guide

3.5 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $490 Per Guide

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      The Famous Berlin Wall: Explore the Past by Bike with Private Guide

      Berlin, Germany
      From (USD) $490 Per Guide

      • Berlin Wall Original Remains: Inspect the remains of a concrete wall that 5,000+ people climbed over to flee East Germany during the Cold War.
      • Memorial site "Bernauer Strasse": Created in 1998, this monument commemorates the deaths that occurred on Berlin’s most heavily affected street.
      • Governmental Quarter: The Reichstag is the heart of this district, where the German parliament and various foreign embassies can be found.
      • Former Border Control Posts and Watch Tower: Walk to the infamous watchtower along border patrol roads, where guards once monitored the terrain.
      About This Berlin Tour

      Rent a bike from your hotel, or, for an additional cost, we can have your bike delivered to you. Your private guide will then pick you up from your hotel and offer you a detailed description and background explanation of what used to be the most iconic symbol of the Divided World, located right in the middle of the city of Berlin, the Berlin Wall, known as well as the "Antifascist Protection Wall".

      If there was one thing that disappeared from Berlin as quickly as it appeared, it’s the Berlin Wall. Hundreds of Germans were killed by guards following the construction of this barrier between East and West. However, thousands managed to evade the guardsmen and break free from a society where the National Socialist movement was destroying lives.

      In fact, some of the triumphant ones were actually Border Troops of the German Democratic Republic! Remnants of the wall can still be found around the city, with fragments stretching for two kilometers. A bike ride around the place that Adolf Hitler tried to turn into a giant Nazi city will take you back to the Third Reich.

      The street on which the German Democratic Republic built the wall in a single night was Bernauer Straße. A memorial site has since been constructed on the spot where dramatic and fatal events occurred. Commemorating victims of the German division, it is positioned near the Governmental Quarter, where Hitler and the Nazi Party devised chilling plans inside the Reichstag building.

      Despite fire damage, the building still stands, as does a watchtower on Potsdamer Platz. One of the final few watchtowers that remain in the city, the towers would have been heavily guarded throughout the 40-year war.

      Crossing the Berlin Wall

      Although over 100 people took their final breath attempting to cross the Berlin Wall, thousands were successful. Beds of nails, guard dogs and watchtowers weren’t enough to halt people’s creativity either. Some fortunate ingenious methods of successfully crossing the wall included using a speeding train, a hot air balloon, a tight rope and a zip-line. Even the men in uniform were desperate for freedom, with 1,300 leaping over the wall within the first two years of its construction.

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