Private Potsdam; Royal Prussian Summer Retreat & Postwar Conference

8 hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $1,425 Per Vehicle

Private Potsdam; Royal Prussian Summer Retreat & Postwar Conference

8 hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $1,425 Per Vehicle

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      Private Potsdam; Royal Prussian Summer Retreat & Postwar Conference

      Berlin, Germany
      From (USD) $1,425 Per Vehicle

      • Glienicke Bridge: Stretching across the Havel River, this bridge was named after Glienicke Palace and it connects the city with Potsdam.
      • Sanssouci Palace and Garden: Enjoy an inside, self-guided visit. Miles of flawless gardens make up the area that surrounds the former palace of the King of Prussia.
      • Dutch Quarter in Downtown Potsdam: See the Potsdam City Palace and enjoy an inside, self-guided visit to the Cecilienhof Palace in the downtown district.
      • Russian village "Alexandrowka": A royal mansion, chapel and many ancient buildings can be found in this Russian Colony.
      About This Berlin Tour

      Known as the “Bridge of Spies”, Glienicke Bridge has been the setting for many dramatic events over the years, including a number of prisoner exchanges between the West and Soviet Union. One of the most memorable moments was when an imprisoned American pilot walked to freedom across the bridge after his plane was shot down.

      Walk in his footsteps as you visit the steel structure that connects two cities. When you are on Postdam soil, Sanssouci Palace and Garden will come into view. Located on the city’s doorstep, Frederick the Great’s former palace exhibits Rococo-style architecture, which reflects the King of Prussia’s personal taste.

      It was in the 19th century that the king decided to design a garden that could be used to cultivate wine, figs and plums. Roman Baths, fountains, an orangery and Charlottenhof Castle were introduced in the baroque garden, which is now a popular spot for festivals. Potsdam City Palace’s style made it popular with kings and emperors too.

      Just as flawless as Sanssouci’s gardens is Cecilienhof Palace’s English landscape garden. Explore this area before feeling the spirit of Russia at Alexandrowka. Snuggled between Schloss Cecilienh and Sanssouci, this settlement contains 13 wooden houses. It is UNESCO-listed and is named after Russian tsar Alexander I.

      A Conference that changed history

      The final World War II meeting that took place in Potsdam in 1945 saw Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Harry S. Truman get together to negotiate terms on which the war would end. Referred to as the “Big Three”, they agreed on various things, such as the economy and development of non-military and agriculture industries. The fact that the conference ran from July 17-August 2 meant that it was the longest-running summit between these heads of government.


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