Private Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Guided Tour

5 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $1,535 Per Vehicle

Private Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Guided Tour

5 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $1,535 Per Vehicle

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      Private Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Guided Tour

      Berlin, Germany
      From (USD) $1,535 Per Vehicle

      • Former Sachsenhausen Nazi: Open to the public, you can wander the grounds of Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg, where political prisoners once walked.
      • Concentration Camp: Established in 1936, this camp was used for exterminations and for the training of Schutzstaffel officers.
      • Memorial Site: Approximately 60,000 people died at Sachsenhausen and today, a memorial site paying tribute to the victims can be found on the grounds.
      About This Berlin Tour

      A feeling of eeriness will wash over you as you step foot on the ground that thousands of Jews once stood on before they were tortured and killed. Former Sachsenhausen Nazi Concentration Camp was commonly referred to as Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg. At the beginning, only the Nazi regime’s political opponents were imprisoned. However, groups of people considered to be biologically or racially inferior were later imprisoned at the camp.

      When Heinrich Himmler was appointed Chief of the German Police in 1936, construction began for the concentration camp. Located on the outskirts of the Reich capital, it was a torture chamber for over 200,000 prisoners between the years 1936 and 1945.

      If they weren’t a victim of systematic extermination, the tens of thousands of people that died at Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg were mistreated, diseased or forced to perform hard labor. In many cases, starvation kicked in. Thousands of lives were also lost during the forcible movement of prisoners, better known as the “death marches”, which often lasted for weeks.

      Malnutrition and disease killed approximately 12,000 of the 60,000 Sachsenhausen victims. As you learn more from your private guide about the holocaust happenings at 13 exhibitions around the site, pay close attention to the buildings. Well preserved, these structural remains are said to be "guarantors of the memory” and a considerable amount of money has been spent maintaining the structures over the years.

      Giant rabbits? 

      Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party were lovers of animals. In fact, Hitler had a beloved pet dog named Blondi and he led a meat-free lifestyle. Some were also against smoking, and even concocted a plan called Operation Munchkin, which focused on breeding giant rabbits for wool production.


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