Dusseldorf Old Town Guided Walking Tour

2 Hours
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From (USD) $252 Per Person

Dusseldorf Old Town Guided Walking Tour

2 Hours
Global Essentials

From (USD) $252 Per Person

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      Dusseldorf Old Town Guided Walking Tour

      Dusseldorf, Germany
      From (USD) $252 Per Person
      • Market Square: See the 16th-century Town Hall and its ivy-clad clock tower, the bronze statue of town hero Jan Willem (and his horse), and a statue of the boy whose collections helped complete Willem's monument.
      • Castle Square: The tower is all that remains of the castle, but it's a city icon. See the "crazy cartwheelers" fountain and a monument that tells 700 years of Dusseldorf history. Nearby is the city's namesake river, the Dussel.
      • Churches: The early-Baroque St. Andreas is almost 400 years old, and delights with its ornate stucco exterior. The brick facade of St. Lambertus goes back to 1395; its warped wooden spire tells a great story. And the tall clock tower of the Neander connects Dusseldorf to the Protestant Reformation – and Europe's earliest humans.
      About this Dusseldorf Tour

      Dusseldorf is a city of stories, and they're told in its landmarks. They're told affectionately in Castle Square's Cartwheelers fountain, and seriously in the official city monument. This sculpted timeline was a 700th-anniversary gift, tracing Dusseldorf history back to its 1288 founding and depicting great battles, papal visits, and the river trade that built the city's fortune. Seemingly insignificant symbols hold other stories – if you know where to look.

      Just south is Market Square, a living history library that tells the tale of Jan Wellem, the Dusseldorf duke who ruled the region at the end of the 17th century. His 1711 statue looms over that of the 1932 "Cast Boy," who collected silverware, jewelry, and coins from the citizenry when material ran out for the great man's sculpture.

      Often overlooked on a narrow lane of restaurants and pubs is a statue commemorating a local legend about a tailor imprisoned by Napoleon. Look for the little mouse that completes that tale.

      But perhaps the most far-reaching and ironic story connects a deeply religious assistant minister with proof of human evolution – three years before Darwin's controversial (if not blasphemous)Origin of Species. In the 1670s, Joachim Neander gave popular outdoor sermons among the rolling hills east of Dusseldorf. This bucolic valley (tal, in German) was renamed in his honor more than a century later. Not long after, a vaguely human skeleton was found there – and was named after the Neander tal. In 1916, the church he had served also took his name. It was the first Dusseldorf church allowed to be Protestant, and you'll see it on this tour – one more chapter in the city's very long, very human story. 

      Waiting for a virgin

      "The Leaning Tower of Dusseldorf" is one of Old Town's must-sees. In this story, the slightly warped spire atop St. Lambertus Church is blamed on a non-virginal bride married here in a virginal white gown; so shamed was the tower that it twisted to one side. Townsfolk say the tower will untwist when a real virgin appears, but more than a century has already passed. In another twist, the 7th-century saint the church is named after is considered a martyr in the defense of marital fidelity.

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