Private Tour of Frankfurt, a City of Banks

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $278 Per Guide

Private Tour of Frankfurt, a City of Banks

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $278 Per Guide

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      Private Tour of Frankfurt, a City of Banks

      Frankfurt, Germany
      From (USD) $278 Per Guide
      • Guided private walking tour: Join your local guide to explore Frankfurt's role as a banking and trade show titan. Great for groups up to 10 but just let us know if your crowd is larger.
      • Neue Mainzer Strasse: Walk along this main artery of the banking district and discover how Frankfurt went from medieval trade center to financial metropolis.
      • Romerberg and Willy-Brand-Platz: Contrast old and new money on a walk through two squares, from the very first "bureau de change" to the home of the euro.
      • Main Tower or Borsenstrasse: View the city from the rooftop observation platform at the Main Tower (weather permitting), or continue touring past Deutsche Bank to the well-known Stock Exchange Street.
      About This Frankfurt Tour

      Thanks to a bustling airport (the third busiest in Europe), Frankfurt am Main, Germany's financial capital, stands as the gateway to Europe. But it's a destination that begs to be explored more closely. It's a city of contrasts, and, with its futuristic skyscrapers and uber-cool setting on the River Main, you'll see why it's been nicknamed "Mainhattan."

      Of course, the theme of this tour is "show us the money!" (Or maybe we should say, "show us the euro!") Frankfurt (also known as "Bankfurt") is the home to hundreds of banks, the German Stock Exchange, and the European Central Bank (ECB), the bank for the euro. You'll stroll past the Eurotower, where the first euro was made, as well as Commerzbank, Europe's second highest building. Go ahead and gawk. Frankfurt's skyline is fabulous!

      For centuries, the Kaiserdom (Imperial Cathedral) was the tallest building in the city. Now Frankfurt boasts an array of futuristic skyscrapers that tower in its relatively small city center, which is flanked by beautiful old historic buildings and the Museumsufer, the row of museums that sit along the River Main. The best spot to see it is the Main Tower.

      If the forecast isn't sauwetter (translation: awful weather), you'll get the chance to zip up to the open-air observatory of the Main Tower, which holds the distinction of being the first skyscraper in Europe built with a fully glazed facade. It's 787 feet to the tip of its antenna, and the panoramic views from 56th and 57th floors are absolutely gasp-worthy. Otherwise, you'll continue toward Frankfurt's equivalent to New York's Wall Street. Feel the power!

      A devil of a deal

      Frankfurt's famous son is Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, a poet, novelist, playwright, and star of German Romanticism. Goethe penned, perhaps, the greatest work of German literature, Faust, a tragic play based on German folklore. In the play, Faust makes a deal with the devil in exchange for knowledge and power. The "Faustian bargain" is still a popular motif, like the episode when Homer Simpson sold his soul for a donut! D'oh!

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