Feel and Touch Frankfurt: Private Tour for Blind and Sighted Travelers

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $256 Per Guide

Feel and Touch Frankfurt: Private Tour for Blind and Sighted Travelers

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $256 Per Guide

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      Feel and Touch Frankfurt: Private Tour for Blind and Sighted Travelers

      Frankfurt, Germany
      From (USD) $256 Per Guide
      • Romerberg: Explore the ancient heart of Frankfurt, named for the Romans who settled here in antiquity. The Romer, Frankfurt's medieval city hall, is the highlight of this part of town, but other architectural treasures, like the 15th-century Old St. Nicholas Church, abound.
      • Farmers' Market: Fresh food, flowers, and other delights cluster under the roof of the Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt's premier farmers' market. Locals and tourists come together here for a multicultural sensory banquet.
      • Fun statues: Experience the joyful yet cautionary tales of Heinrich Hoffman's Shockheaded Peter with a statue of Peter and his companions, who learned the consequences of naughty behavior in the beloved 1845 storybook. Then meet the famous symbols of the stock market, the bull and bear.
      About This Frankfurt Tour

      The bustling city of Frankfurt is a feast for all your senses. On this innovative GoBe tour, you'll exercise your senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and wonder as you explore the heart of Frankfurt on a journey suited to the visually impaired...and their group of friends!

      Begin in the center of town, called Romerberg in honor of the city hall (Romer). Romer means Roman, since it was here that the ancient Roman settlement that became Frankfurt was found. Winding your way through the old city streets, you'll discover the fascinating history of Frankfurt and experience places like the Iron Footbridge across the Main River, built in the mid-1800s. The Frankfurt Cathedral, a truly splendid Gothic church, is a sensual delight.

      The indoor farmers' market will get you salivating as you walk past stalls of fresh goodies. Don't worry, we won't just tease you. As part of the tour, you'll get to taste marzipan candy! Traditional marzipan and almond biscuits called "Bethmannchen" draw people to Frankfurt's Christmas markets each year.

      Check out some of the most famous statues of Frankfurt. At the police station, meet the stars of a popular collection of 19th century German children's stories, including Shockheaded Peter. He and the other characters of Der Struwwelpeter teach valuable life lessons. Peter himself loses friends because he doesn't keep himself well-groomed. Finish your immersion tour with the two powerful animals that represent the German stock market: the bull and the bear. Luckily, these beasts are quite touchable!

      You can't take it with you

      Gunther von Schwarzburg got what some people dream of, but only for a short time. In 1349, the respected German knight was elected King of Germany in Frankfurt. There was a slight problem, however, since Charles of Luxembourg had been chosen as king in 1346. Charles didn't like the competition and went to war to protect his title. Once defeated, Gunther von Schwarzburg accepted 20,001 silver marks in return for renouncing his claim. He died shortly thereafter and is buried in a grand tomb in the Frankfurt cathedral; a king who ruled for less than 4 months.

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