Journey to the Center of the World: Ancient Delphi & Its Museum with Lunch

10 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $102 Per Person

Journey to the Center of the World: Ancient Delphi & Its Museum with Lunch

10 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $102 Per Person

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      Journey to the Center of the World: Ancient Delphi & Its Museum with Lunch

      Athens, Greece
      From (USD) $102 Per Person
      • Sightseeing drive: Enjoy views of the mountains and plains of Boetia as you head northwest from Athens toward Delphi, in the shadow of 7,800-foot Mt. Parnassus.
      • Delphi: No important decision was made without first consulting Delphi's oracle. Perhaps you'll sense her presence at the sites temples, theater, stadium, the Kastalia spring, and the treasuries of the Sacred Way.
      • Delphi Museum: See the "Navel of the Earth," along with thousands of artifacts and sculptures dating from the 8th century B.C., including the famous Charioteer, the Siphnos treasures, and fragments from the pediment of Apollo's temple.
      • Lunch in the village: Enjoy traditional Greek specialties at a restaurant in the mountain town of Arachova, where you'll have free time to explore on your own.
      About this Athens Tour

      The easiest comparison would involve a crystal-ball-gazing fortune teller – if she were wired on powerful hallucinogens.

      The incomprehensible babbling of the Oracle of Delphi, possibly generated by powerful fumes from a geological fissure and "translated" by priests who may or may not have believed in her powers, determined the fates of empires and marriages, the outcomes of calamitous wars and family feuds. She was called Pythia, after the python-dragon slain by Apollo here; the episode was celebrated in a magnificent temple honoring him here, although what remains only hints at its former grandeur.

      Whether they believed in the power of prediction or not, Pythia and her attending priests found prophesy immensely profitable. For more than a thousand years, kings and commoners would line the Sacred Way laden with whatever valuables they could haul for deposit in the site's many treasuries. (You'll see examples in the museum.) The greater the fortune you brought, the sooner your fortune was told – an ancient "skip-the-line" pass. With the oracle and her crew taking more vacations than a late-night TV host, that could leave ordinary folks out of luck indefinitely.

      It can all sound pretty silly now, like making a career change based on a fortune cookie. Then again, who among us hasn't read a horoscope and found it eerily telling? Maybe you've offered a little treasure of your own for a palm reading. "Just for laughs," you say. But when you get to Delphi, in the solemn tranquility of the angle within two large rocks, you can sense that this was no laughing matter. People have always turned to religion for answers, and, in ancient times, this was a holy place: the center of the world.

      Oh! You meant my empire?

      It's no exaggeration that wars and empires were won and lost based on Pythia's prophecies. She and her priests would keep things vague enough to let listeners hear what they wanted to hear. In 560 B.C., King Croesus of Lydia, one of the wealthiest men of the ancient world, asked if he should invade Persia. He was promised that if he attacked, he would definitely destroy a great empire. So he attacked, and was soundly defeated. His empire was destroyed, fulfilling the prophesy.

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