Guided Tour of Ancient Corinth and Corinth Museum

5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $68 Per Person

Guided Tour of Ancient Corinth and Corinth Museum

5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $68 Per Person

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      Guided Tour of Ancient Corinth and Corinth Museum

      Athens, Greece
      From (USD) $68 Per Person
      • Sightseeing drive: Coastal roads passing quiet beach towns lead to the Corinth Canal, where we'll stop for photos at the bridge that spans sheer cliffs over the Corinth Canal.
      • Corinth: Follow your guide through the agora and forum, center of life here for centuries. See the seven Doric columns of Apollo's Temple, Roman baths, a theater, gymnasium, fountains, and the famed Lechaion Road.
      • Corinth Museum: Experience the city as it existed in its glorious ancient prime, including priceless treasures like magnificently decorated pottery, Roman villa floor mosaics, marble statues, a 2600-year-old marble sphinx, and more.
      About this Athens Tour

      To visit Corinth is to see thousands of years of history knocked on its side: crumbling foundations. Toppled columns. Rows of abandoned "Corinthian" pedestals – this city gave its name to the most ornate of the three ancient architectural styles, seen to this day on the fluted columns fronting the U.S. Supreme Court and Capitol building, Berlin's Reichstag, Rome's Pantheon, and in France, Syria, Ukraine, Jordan, and Israel.

      Your GoBe guide rebuilds these ruins into a bustling city you can see in your mind's eye, while the onsite museum brings Corinth to life in models and interactive displays.

      That's not to say that all the ruins in the city require great leaps of imagination. Seven columns of Apollo's temple stand tall, more than 2,500 years after completion.

      You'll see the fountain said to have flowed with the tears of a mother mourning a son killed by Artemis, goddess of the hunt. In myth, this was the favored watering hole of Pegasus, the winged horse (Well, picturing that will require some imagination, but the structure itself is intact and pretty impressive.)

      You'll also see the podium in the forum where Paul preached the virtues of Christianity. He lived here for 18 months, supporting himself as a tentmaker and eventually establishing one of the budding religion's first churches. Two letters he wrote to their congregations survive in the New Testament.

      Above all, you'll see the Corinthians as one of the most advanced peoples of the ancient world – even before you get to their city. The canal you cross on the way was once a road, allowing merchants to unload their cargo at a port north of Corinth and haul it four miles south to the port of Cenchreae. You'll pass this port on the return to Athens; Paul is said to have stepped ashore there to begin his Corinthian mission, roughly 20 years after Christ's death.

      In one of his later letters to the Corinthian Christians, Paul describes himself as "a wise master builder; I have laid the foundation." Like Paul building one of the world's great religions, Corinth needed durable foundations to build one of the world's great cities. They're still there.

      Corinth's red-light district

      Paul first letter to the Corinthians reminds them of his warning not to "company with fornicators." That would have excluded a lot of company. An ancient historian wrote that Aphrodite's Temple employed more than a thousand high-class "hetairas," upon whom "ship captains frivolously spent their money." Their crews would have spent less money on the many "very welcoming girls of luxurious Corinth."

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