Ancient Mycenae and the Epidaurus Theater with Lunch

10 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $109 Per Person

Ancient Mycenae and the Epidaurus Theater with Lunch

10 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $109 Per Person

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      Ancient Mycenae and the Epidaurus Theater with Lunch

      Athens, Greece
      From (USD) $109 Per Person
      • Motor coach tour: Enjoy a relaxed drive through the picturesque countryside, crossing the Isthmus of Corinth with a photo stop at the famous bridge over the Corinth Canal.
      • Mycenae: These hilltop fortress town, founded 3,600 years ago, represents one of the greatest discoveries in the history of archeology. Your guide will share the secrets of the Lion Gate, Agamemnon's tomb and palace, and much more.
      • Epidaurus: Built in a canyon in 340 B.C., this magnificent theater could hold up to 14,000 people. Its near-flawless acoustics allow stage dialogue to be heard from any point.
      About this Athens Tour

      For the best view of Mycenae, close your eyes. Because these ruins on a barren hill, as expansive and magnificent as they are (and they include the earliest known large-scale sculpture in Europe), don't tell the story. For that, you need your imagination.

      This is a place so shrouded in history and myth that they cannot be untangled. Even the amateur archeologist, who dug it up in 1876, is obscured by legends he himself created.

      The city is said to have been founded by a son of Zeus who beheaded Medusa; a Cyclops is said to have built the massive walls. According to mythology, Hercules labored here; according to Homer's Iliad, King Agamemnon set out from here to lead the Greeks sent to retrieve his niece, Helen, from Troy. When he returned to Mycenae, his wife's lover killed him.

      Or perhaps the wife did it. Accounts vary.

      But then, we're not fully sure the Trojan War actually happened, or even if there was an actual author named Homer. Which brings us to that amateur archeologist: Heinrich Schliemann. The German businessman found the Turkish site now generally accepted as Troy in 1871 and traced the Iliad narrative back to Agamemnon's Mycenae five years later, finding a solid gold funeral mask that he said was the face of the king himself.

      More patient archeological research (Schliemann liked the quick results of dynamite) indicates that the mask predates the likely period of the Trojan War. But Schliemann did unearth some of what you'll see on this tour.

      The grandest site may be the Tomb of Agamemnon. So was there was such a king? Historians only offer a definitive maybe. But if you stand at the tomb and use your imagination, you'll get an answer you like better.

      Echoing through the ages

      As you'll hear for yourself, the Epidaurus Theater's renowned acoustics allow actors to be heard anywhere in the audience. (Performances are still held here.) At least one study suggests that the many rows of semicircular limestone seats may filter out background noise, allowing audio clarity that would be hard to duplicate in an outdoor theater even today.

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