The Ruins of Ancient Delos

3.5 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $272 Per Person

The Ruins of Ancient Delos

3.5 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $272 Per Person

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      The Ruins of Ancient Delos

      Mykonos, Greece
      From (USD) $272 Per Person
      • Sanctuary of Apollo: Follow the Sacred Way to three splendid temples dedicated to the god of light and truth, who myths say was born here under a palm tree. 
      • Delos treasures: See the famous marble lions, the Sacred Lake, a Roman theater, monuments, arches, and grand terraces of this World Heritage Site.
      • Mosaics: Admire the intricate mosaics that decorate the beautiful mansions and villas built during the island's peak of prosperity.
      About This Mykonos Tour

      Approaching by boat, you see it floating in the azure Aegean, its ruins spread across the landscape. This is Delos, cradle of gods.

      Greek mythology explains why this tiny island became a mighty Aegean center of worship and trade for seven centuries. The story begins with the goddess Leto, pregnant with twins by Zeus. His enraged wife Hera, queen of heaven, banished Leto from the earth. She pleaded with the people of Delos, a poor island, promising that if she could give birth on the impoverished island, thousands would come with sacred offerings, and Delos’ fortunes would rise.

      Leto was in labor for nine days on Delos, which is arduous even for a goddess. Finally, as she clutched a huge palm tree, her divine twins came into the world: Artemis, goddess of the hunt, the moon, and childbirth, followed by Apollo, god of music, truth and prophecy, light and the sun, poetry, plague, healing, and more. (One wonders if he would give people the plague and then heal them just for fun.) The divine twins were born at the Sacred Lake, where myth says the sun first shone. Now dry, there's a palm tree there to honor Leto's nine-day, unanesthetized ordeal.

      As promised, visitors worshipful mortals poured in with gifts, and Delos prospered. On your walk toward the Sacred Lake, still guarded by its famous lions, your guide may point out the marble stairs where the marble has been worn away by millions of footsteps over many centuries. Today the island is quiet and, by law, uninhabited. But some who visit claim the sunlight over Delos has a clarity and brightness you won't see on any other island.

      Just how sacred was Delos?

      The birth of Artemis and Apollo made Delos a holy place for the ancients. In fact, it was so sacred no mortal was allowed to die or be born there. Delians about to do either were rushed off to the neighboring island of Rineia. That dearth of deaths and births continues to this day. 


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