Discover Lindos: the Village, the Beach, and the Acropolis

Discover Lindos: the Village, the Beach, and the Acropolis

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      Rhodes, Greece
      6.5 Hours
      Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship
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      • The acropolis: Your guide will show you the ancient Temple of Athena Lindia and landmarks left by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Knights of St. John, and Ottomans.  
      • Laid-back Lindos: Find a cozy taverna or venture down winding streets lined by whitewashed houses. Or head for the beautiful beach and go for a swim.
      • The scenic road to Rhodes: Enjoy the journey as you roll past picturesque villages, orange and lemon groves, vineyards, and orchards of olive trees.

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      Rhodes is famous for its pottery art. Lunch is on your own, giving you the flexibility to choose as you will.

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      Expect an extensive amount of walking for over two miles, over cobblestone, uneven, and uphill terrain, with up to 278 steps to reach the Acropolis. This tour is not suitable for those with limited mobility and is not wheelchair accessible.

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      Suitable for all ages.

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      This tour is only suited to travelers in very good physical condition. It is not recommended to you if you suffer from seizures, have heart, back, neck, respiratory, or shoulder problems, recently had surgery, or are pregnant. Swimming is at your own risk.

      Thanks to its two harbors and natural acropolis ("high city"), the little town of Lindos has a mighty seafaring past. The epic Greek poet Homer tells us it was built by the Dorians around the time of the Trojan War, or about 1100 B.C. You can bring Homer's mythological stories to life by picturing the nine ships that Rhodes sent to Troy proudly sailing out of Lindos' harbor.

      Imagine this charming village as an ancient naval power with a population around 17,000 (today it's home to about 1,000). You'll see ancient proof of this power on the acropolis, where a relief of a trireme (Greek warship) was carved into the rock around 280 B.C. to proclaim Rhodes' seafaring might.

      By the 600s Lindos was a major Mediterranean hub for trade and shipping, and remained one for centuries. You'll see the 17th-century archontika (mansions) that show Lindos continued to flourish in the early period of Turkish rule. To cap their proud maritime history, Lindians can boast that they drew up the famous "Rhodian Naval Code" between 600 and 800, establishing the core principles of modern maritime law.

      Eventually Rhodes became the island's most important city and Lindos' centuries-old acropolis became a silent witness to its storied past. Standing among the temple ruins and crumbling fortifications, looking out over the bay where the Apostle Paul came ashore, two thoughts will strike you: This part of the world is very, very old. And that water looks very, very inviting.

      Shipwrecked at Lindos

      In the year 58, a fierce storm blew the former Saul of Tarsus into Lindos, and his presence is still strongly felt. St. Paul introduced Christianity to the island, and the bay where he landed now bears his name. A small, white 17th-century church, sheltered by cliffs and bordering a sandy beach, commemorates the site of Paul's rocky arrival. It's a popular spot for island weddings these days.

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      Rhodes, Greece
      Great photo opportunities
      Bring money
      Bring water
      Wear sunscreen
      Wear comfortable shoes
      Wear Hat
      Wear Sunglasses
      Swim wear

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