Santorini Private Yachting with Onboard Barbecue

5 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $697 Per Person

Santorini Private Yachting with Onboard Barbecue

5 Hours
Private Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $697 Per Person

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      Santorini Private Yachting with Onboard Barbecue

      Santorini, Greece
      From (USD) $697 Per Person
      • 42-foot catamaran: Enjoy incomparable views from a smooth-sailing double-hulled beauty with air-conditioned cabins, freshwater showers, and a captain and crew ready to make your Aegean adventure unforgettable. 
      • Santorini from the sea: Marvel at blue-roofed whitewash houses sparkling on the sheer cliffs, beaches of red and black volcanic sand, and the tiny islands that speckle the waters nearby a vast lagoon and caldera left behind by cataclysmic volcanic forces.
      • The hot springs at Nea Kemeni: Swim, soak or snorkel (gear is included) in the legendary healing waters inside the simmering volcano that blew most of Santorini to smithereens eons ago. 
      • Lunch is served: Grilled selections include pork chops, chicken, and shrimp accompanied by Greek salads, tzatziki, fresh bread, fruit, and soft drinks, with local beers, wines, and ouzo also available.
      About This Santorini Tour

      The islands that form modern Santorini (the crescent-moon of Thera, smaller Therasia, Nea Kemeni, and tiny Aspronisi and Palea) may constitute Earth's most exquisitely photogenic collection of leftovers – the jagged remains of a much larger island that existed here until that fateful day, roughly 3,600 years ago, when anyone living in the eastern Mediterranean would have thought the world was coming to an end. 

      In fact, as you sail in luxury around Santorini lagoon, oohing and ahhing at the thousand-foot layercake cliffs that ring it on three sides (with stucco buildings as their icing), you're actually crossing the giant underwater caldera left behind by one of history's most earth-shattering blowouts – an event 100 times more powerful than the Vesuvius eruption that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum 1,700 years later.

      What remained of Santorini was buried in lava and ash so hot that the soil was sterilized, affecting the qualities of wines produced here to this day. It was the end of an advanced Minoan civilization that thrived at Akrotiri, on the southern hook of the Thera crescent, and its great sister city on Crete, 70 miles away, engulfed by giant waves traveling at hundreds of miles an hour. 

      It would be three centuries before people returned to the remnants of Santorini, and nearly 10 before a budding Western civilization regained the momentum lost with the Minoan eruption. But today, as you sail the lagoon around the cauldron aboard your plush private catamaran, all is serenity and bliss. We'll anchor at a quiet cove on Nea Kemeni – the very epicenter of the catastrophe that derailed the course of history for a millennium. Swim, snorkel, soak in heated spring waters. Or make the 400-foot climb up the crater for breathtaking views of Thera's multicolor cliffs, speedboats scooting around Therasia, the rugged lava outcroppings of Aspronisi and Palea jutting out of the shimmering sea.

      Not bad for leftovers.

      Santorini beckons with the quintessential Greek seascape of whitewashed houses accented by sea-blue roofs, overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is also a stunning geological formation, forged by powerful volcanos whose activity created its renowned black- and red-sand beaches. Immerse yourself in the dramatic natural beauty of the caldera, lagoon and a still-active volcano on a luxury sailing adventure. You’ll board a spacious Lagoon 420 in the old port and set sail. Marvel at the dramatic sheer cliffs of the main island of Santorini and at the views of the smaller islands that surround the collapsed crater. While sailing, the crew will grill and serve lunch onboard.  The sailboat will anchor in a sheltered cove on Nea Kameni, also known as volcano island, where you can swim in private. A serene way to experience one of the most popular destinations in the Greek Isles. Provided with mask, snorkel. No fins are provided to prevent guests from swimming too far from vessel. Snorkel vest is provided.

      [You will be accompanied by your Captain, 1st Mate and crew. You can suggest a route, with guidance from your Captain, if you wish. Snorkeling equipment is available for use.]

      Lunch included:  Meal BBQ- Pork chops or Chicken, shrimps, eggplant salad, tzatziki, Greek Salad, bread, seasonal fruits (served onboard during cruising portion of the tour) Beverage included:  bottled water, soft drinks and juice

      Beverages upgrade options: Local beers, wines & ouzo.

      Is it myth, or is it Santorini?

      Around 360 B.C., Plato wrote of a flourishing island utopia known as Atlantis that sank into the sea after a falling out with the gods. And while spots as distant as the Bahamas have been proclaimed the site of mythic Atlantis, Santorini, with its advanced Minoan civilization, best matches Plato's timeline and physical description. The 1600 B.C. eruption has also been linked to the Exodus story, with the tsunami conveniently parting the Red Sea. 

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