The Ferrari Museum and Cheese, Vinegar, and Prosciutto Tastings

8 Hours 45 Minutes
Group Activity

From (USD) $180 Per Adult / $90 Per Child

The Ferrari Museum and Cheese, Vinegar, and Prosciutto Tastings

8 Hours 45 Minutes
Group Activity

From (USD) $180 Per Adult / $90 Per Child

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      The Ferrari Museum and Cheese, Vinegar, and Prosciutto Tastings

      Bologna, Italy
      From (USD) $180 Per Adult / $90 Per Child
      • Ferrari Museum: This exclusive tour lets you skip the line and immerse yourself in the world of Ferrari faster. Trace the evolution of the revered speedster from its 1947 debut to its legendary descendants – Pininfarinas, Testarossas, Spiders and more.
      • Cheese tasting: True Parmigiano-Reggiano can only come from this part of Italy, and every step in its production is governed by law and strict family tradition. You'll see the production in process and taste the final product.
      • Balsamic vinegar tasting: Italy's "black gold" was once reserved for kings and emperors; today it's a luxury all can enjoy. This tour and tasting will enhance your appreciation of this gourmet delight.
      • Prosciutto tasting: Air-cured and aged for at least 18 months, this thin-sliced delicacy with centuries of tradition teases the tongue with a beguiling blend of sweet and salty.
      • Lunch: Enjoy a lavish six-course feast accompanied by a selection of fine local wines as you take in the views from a family-run restaurant in the Apennine foothills.
      About this Bologna Tour

      On first consideration, this experience can seem like an odd mix of ham and horsepower, richly mellow cheese and pungent vinegar.

      But there's a thread here. It stretches from Bologna to Parma to Modena to Maranello. Because these are places that prize perfection, and pursue it with religious zeal. Places where compromise and corner-cutting are a disgrace, dishonoring the family name – in Italian, an infamia.

      That's not to say that you need to be a gearhead or gourmet to appreciate this tour. Indeed, you could be one of those people for whom a car is "just a way to get from Point A to Point B." Who's managed a happy, productive life without knowing the difference between balsamic vinegar and Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the latter a hard-earned, government-protected title, the former a mere category – a condiment, no more noteworthy than ketchup.

      But if you've read this far, you may be realizing that you're not a Point A-to-B person after all. You know that life is a journey infinitely improved by an appreciation of the sublime: in art, in music, in cinema ... in any interest or endeavor. Maybe you just never considered cheese, vinegar, or ham in that light. Maybe you thought that Ferrari produced cars that are impractical and exorbitantly priced.

      But on this tour, you'll learn about Ferrari's painstaking production process, and the pride and commitment it takes to put that much of yourself into something. You probably won't be moved to make a purchase then and there. (Something you can, happily, do at the cheese, vinegar, and prosciutto producers, where the families put just as much pride into their craft.) But purchase is not the point of this pilgrimage, any more than it is on a visit to the Louvre. The point is to think past Points A and B. And that's more about pride than price.

      The Ferrari of cheeses

      Hand-building a Ferrari takes about three weeks, with a waiting list of at least a year. But Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese takes longer. The aging process alone lasts more than two years, with each wheel cleaned, turned, tapped with a metal mallet (to ensure structural soundness), and visually inspected every seven days. Factor in expensive, organic cow feed, and one 84-pound wheel is worth $2,700 at the retail level. So sprinkle sparingly.

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