Guided Cinque Terre Tour of Manarola, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, and Monterosso

12+ Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $117 Per Adult / $59 Per Child

Guided Cinque Terre Tour of Manarola, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, and Monterosso

12+ Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $117 Per Adult / $59 Per Child

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      Guided Cinque Terre Tour of Manarola, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, and Monterosso

      Florence, Italy
      From (USD) $117 Per Adult / $59 Per Child
      • Cinque Terre: This Ligurian region's name means "Five Lands." Tour four of the five lovely lands, or villages, in this UNESCO World Heritage Site: Manarola, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, and Monterosso. Each town has its own unique flavor.
      • Guided tour: Friendly, fun local guides take you on an Italian Riviera tour by vehicle, boat, and train to Cinque Terre National Park. (Cars are banned here.)
      • Lunch and limoncino: Take your pick of any of the delicious traditional lunch establishments here (own expense). Then head to a quaint wine shop where you can indulge in a tasting of limoncino, Liguria's local liqueur, made with Cinque Terre lemons that are as big as grapefruits.
      • Swim, stroll, and shop: Bring your swimsuit to take a dip in the Ligurian Sea. Or have free time to take a walk around Cinque Terre to explore and shop on your own.
      About this Florence tour

      Some Italian attractions, like Rome and Venice, have been top travelers' destinations for many generations. But Cinque Terre, in the northwest part of Italy's boot shape, is a relatively new attraction. This Ligurian location on the Italian Riviera, aka the Riviera di Levante, is built on the cliffs of the Ligurian Sea's coastline. Picture a vertical city, with an economy based on fishing, farming, and wine producing. For many years, the remote area was hard to build on and difficult to reach for most visitors. And that's how locals liked it. It also made it tricky for pirates to show up and plunder the place.

      Yes, pirates. Back then, everything was designed to keep pirates at bay (no pun intended). Watchtowers were built on the hills to keep an eye out for any possible invaders. The narrow staircases built in the towns were reportedly designed that way so that only one pirate could walk up at the same time. Women were said to keep pasta water boiling all the time to throw at pirate invaders. And the houses were painted in colors to blend into the gray coastal rocks, so that pirates would have a tougher time finding things.

      Wait a minute. Cinque Terre is known for its brightly colored homes, not drab buildings. Well, they are actually a recent invention. Although legend has it that the hard-to-reach houses on the steep cliffs had such beautiful and varied colors because fishermen wanted to be able to pick out their own home quickly after a long fishing trip, or were checking up on their wives to make sure they were doing housework.

      However, the reality is that many of the homes weren't painted those eye-popping colors until the 1970s, when the region started to become a travelers' hot spot. But the legend is much more fun, isn't it? Whatever the case may be, because Cinque Terre was a remote location for so long, it has a charming, authentic feel to it. No wonder this GoBe tour is so enjoyable.

      When life gives you lemons…

      Limoncino is one of Italy's Ligurian region's very favorite beverages. The alcoholic drink is made from Sorrento lemons, a type of citrus fruit much bigger than traditional lemons. Italians are big on aperitifs and digestives, tart post-meal drinks said to aid in digestion. But limoncino also has a sweet, easy-to-drink taste. That's because the sourness of the lemons, steeped in alcohol, is balanced with the sweetness of the sugary simple syrup in the recipe. Italians have been making limoncino for centuries, but only in the last 100 years has the drink been produced commercially.

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