Skip the Line: Private Group Guided Tour of Rome, the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and st Peter's Basilica by Private Vehicle from Hotel

8 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $1,263 Per Vehicle

Skip the Line: Private Group Guided Tour of Rome, the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and st Peter's Basilica by Private Vehicle from Hotel

8 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $1,263 Per Vehicle

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      Skip the Line: Private Group Guided Tour of Rome, the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and st Peter's Basilica by Private Vehicle from Hotel

      Rome, Italy
      From (USD) $1,263 Per Vehicle


      • Sistine Chapel: Gaze at the splendor of Michelangelo's masterpieces in the Vatican's best-known gallery, including The Creation of Adam on the ceiling and The Final Judgment.
      • Vatican Museums: Marvel at the magnificent works in the Vatican's 53 other galleries; you'll find paintings like Raphael's Transfiguration, sculptures like Sleeping Ariadne (also known as Cleopatra), the Historical Museum, and more.
      • St. Peter's Basilica: Soak in the magnificence of this 15-story structure, meticulously appointed with Baroque stuccos, mosaics, and statutes. You'll find Michelangelo's Pieta in the first chapel on your right.
      • The Colosseum: Explore this massive, free-standing stone amphitheater, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and famous for its gladiator fights, animals hunts, and other bloody spectacles that entertained the people of Rome.
      • The Roman Forum: Stroll through ancient Rome's commercial, political, and religious center as your guide explains the role of its most important buildings and monuments, including the Arch of Titus, the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Julius Caesar, and the Rostra, where the empire's greatest orators addressed the masses.
      • Private group: Share your experience with only people you know, whether it's just the two of you, the whole family, or any group of up to 20.
      About This Rome Tour


      In the first chapel to your right as you enter St. Peter's Basilica, you'll find the sculpture that carved out a permanent place for Michelangelo in the pantheon of great artists: the Pieta. The work is renowned for Mary's youthful look, the peaceful expression on Christ's face, and the extraordinary detailing etched into the marble. But one detail draws your attention right away: the bullet-proof glass that encases the statue.

      On May 21, 1972, a Hungarian-born geologist from Australia named Laszlo Toth went to St. Peter's Basilica and made a beeline for the statue of the Pieta. According to sources, Laszlo was obsessed with the prophesies revealed by the Virgin Mary to three children at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. He wanted the Pope to reveal the prophecies, but the Pope had refused.

      Shouting "I am Jesus Christ, risen from the dead," Laszlo – who was 33 years old, the traditional age of Jesus' death – attacked the statue with a geologist's hammer. Before bystanders could wrestle him to the ground, he got off fifteen blows, breaking Mary's arm at the elbow, knocking off a piece of her nose, and chipping one eyelid.

      Many of the pieces were picked up by spectators, and most were eventually returned to help in the restoration. The nose was reconstructed from marble removed from her back.

      Laszlo said he attacked the eye because the statue couldn't see, the mouth because it couldn't speak, and the arm because it did not act. He spent two years in an Italian insane asylum, and was deported to Australia upon release. Details of his life from then on are sketchy; he apparently died in an Australian nursing home in 2012. But he did leave one positive legacy: It was during the painstaking, 10-month repair that restorers found Michelangelo's previously unknown monogram – an "M" made from the skin lines on Mary's left hand. Pieta is the only work he's known to have signed, and it appears he signed it twice.


      Pain of the poet

      Besides being one of history's greatest sculptors and painters, Michelangelo was also a prolific poet. He wrote several hundred sonnets and lyric poems, many of which were eventually set to music. In one humorous verse, Michelangelo complains about the kinks in his neck from looking up. He wrote it while painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which, contrary to popular belief, he did standing up, not lying down.

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