Verona by Night: A Private Walk through the City of Lovers

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $233 Per Guide

Verona by Night: A Private Walk through the City of Lovers

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $233 Per Guide

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      Verona by Night: A Private Walk through the City of Lovers

      Verona, Italy
      From (USD) $233 Per Guide
      • Hidden, little-known sights: See the city bathed in mood and magic. Be introduced to some of its most secret places, while seeing its better-known buildings and monuments through fresh eyes.
      • Landmarks and palaces: Your ambling itinerary passes the Baroque Palazzo Maffei and frescoed Casa Mazzanti, ancient Ponte Pietra at the river, Castelvecchio and its battlement-topped bridge, the romantically lit Roman Arena, and much more.
      • Stories of love and intrigue: Learn what happened at the aptly named Well of Love, and hear captivating tales of poets, painters, and travelers just like you who've been seduced by Verona's charms over the centuries.
      • Small group = more personal: Share your experience with only people you know; enjoy the luxury of deeper interaction with your guide and a more flexible itinerary.
      About this Verona tour

      Even without Shakespeare's big help, it's hard to imagine a better city to be in love with love than Verona. This town oozes romance from every pore.

      Narrow cobbled streets, grand squares clad in Renaissance palaces, hidden courtyards, timeless Roman ruins, stone bridges and castles along the River Adige. Even the chariot grooves worn into the street by the Gavi Arch – all proclaim themselves terrain of the dreamer, the storyteller, the lover. 

      But when night falls, a new cloak of mystery layers in, its tales told in whispers. Verona's warm glow gives way to cool shadows and starlight. And even the smallest, quietest, less-visited spots get their chance to shine.

      Unexpected details emerge, from the underlying patina of ancient frescos to the velvety sheen of marble columns. From the sensuous contours of a Baroque palace facade to the jagged crenellations of Castelvecchio and its matching bridge, highlighted against the evening sky. Illuminated, the Arena appears somehow younger than its age. Even sounds seem different, carrying further in the darkness as other senses retreat.

      It's a daily transformation that goes back centuries, as the tales Verona has to tell have accumulated and the legions of its devoted admirers have multiplied. Your guide is one of them, fully acquainted with the city's secrets and ready to fill your evening's walk with its most colorful stories and most intriguing locations.

      All you need to bring is your imagination. And comfortable footwear; this much romance covers a lot of ground.

      Painting the town

      Far be it from the medieval Veronese to leave anything unadorned. In those days, the status of a building's owner was connoted by the extent of its decoration. In fact, elaborately painted facades became so widespread here that 15th-century Verona was known as Urbis Picta, the Painted City. The Casa Mazzanti's facade frescos are an especially fine example of period artists' ability to create realistic fabric and stone textures, geometrics, and vibrant, nearly animated figures – all with the stroke of a brush.

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