Verona's Dark Secrets: A Private Nighttime Walk

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $233 Per Guide

Verona's Dark Secrets: A Private Nighttime Walk

2 Hours
Private Activity

From (USD) $233 Per Guide

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      Verona's Dark Secrets: A Private Nighttime Walk

      Verona, Italy
      From (USD) $233 Per Guide
      • Monumental sights, seen a different way: Enter Verona under the cloak of night and view the vast Roman Arena, the Adige riverside, Church of San Fermo, Della Scalla Family tombs, hillside Castel San Pietro and more – in a shadowy, more mysterious light.
      • Sinister stories, spun by an expert: Feel your spine tingle as you revisit Verona's days of fear and betrayal, brought to life by your guide with chilling detail and color. Mostly red.
      • Small group = more personal: Share your experience with only people you know; enjoy the luxury of deeper interaction with your guide and a more flexible itinerary.
      About this Verona tour

      Looking to add a little mayhem to your mellow Verona visit? You've come to the right tour.

      For all its fame as the capital of love, mostly thanks to a story by one William Shakespeare, this town's sinister back stories go way back. And don't even ask what the Goths got up to there in the 5th century.

      Some selected examples: Alboin, King of the Lombards, killed by his own wife there in 572. The wholesale slaughter of 11,000 Paduans outside town in 1257, ordered by Prince Cangrande II della Scala, scion of the ruling clan and nicknamed "Raging Dog" for his tyrannical tendencies. He was assassinated at 27 by his more level-headed (but equally ruthless) brother, Cansignorio – who also bumped off another brother, Paolo Alboino, just to clear the succession path for his illegitimate sons. (It didn't work.)

      Fast forward to 1511-12, when the plague left 13,000 dead, and a 1630 sequel that killed another 33,000. Then jump ahead to the advent of Fascism and harsh anti-Semitic laws in the late 1930s, full-scale deportations to death camps in 1943, and the sham trial and execution of Benito Mussolini's son-in-law on the banks of the Adige River in 1944 for conspiring to unseat Il Duce's puppet government.

      And that's just for starters. As you trace Verona's shadowy Old City streets, your guide will fill in the blanks around these and many other sensational stories – and lead you by various other scenes of murder, betrayal, and raging family feuds like the one that helped form the basis of the Romeo and Juliet legend.

      It's sure to be a night of delightfully scenic mayhem.

      Brotherly love, Italian style

      Cangrande della Scala, ruler of Verona from 1311-1329, was a jovial patron of the arts – and a ferocious warlord with an undying appetite for military action against neighboring cities. He surely racked up his share of enemies over time – but it was probably the Scala family's penchant for murdering its own members that did him in. A recent study of his well-preserved body reveals he died not from ingesting polluted spring water, as was believed for centuries, but from deliberate poisoning. Likeliest suspect: brother Mastino II, who inherited.

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