Scenic Flam Railway Tour with Stops at Waterfalls, Voss, Gudvangen, and Stalheim Hotel

Scenic Flam Railway Tour with Stops at Waterfalls, Voss, Gudvangen, and Stalheim Hotel

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      Flam, Norway
      5.5 Hours
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      $ 1,169
      • Flam Harbor: Before heading out, take some time to visit this delightful village located at the innermost side arm of the world's deepest and second-longest fjord. The Flam Railway Museum is a great place to kick off your adventure.
      • Flam Railway: Travel this magnificent railway to Myrdal Station and see such sights as the Rjoandefossen waterfall, Rallarvegen bike track, and Kjosfossen waterfall.
      • Tvindefossen waterfall: Famous for its beauty, this many-stranded waterfall is quite stunning as the water tumbles over a receding cliff. A stop here lets you walk right up and feel the rushing water.
      • Stalheim Hotel: From the terrace of this relaxed redbrick hotel set on a mountainside, you'll see the most incredible views of the NerøydalenValley. This hotel was a favorite spot of Kaiser Wilhelm II and there's a commemorative stone on site marking a 1890s visit.

      Meeting point

      Please exit the port terminal building or go to the end of the tender pier drop-off to meet your guide. Look for our displayed logo sign.

      Helpful hints

      The train's décor is authentic retro, with soft seats and heating but no A/C. After your tour, you might want to visit the Flam railway museum (free admission) or the Aegir microbrewery and check out the souvenir shops. Don't forget to bring some Norwegian krone. Most stores close early on Saturdays until Monday. Bring photo ID if you plan to use a credit card.

      Getting around

      You will be walking for about one mile, mostly over gravel/paved and uneven paths with some steps. If you have limited mobility, this tour may be too challenging for you to enjoy and maintain the pace of the group.

      Activity type

      Adventure, Scenic, Budget

      Transportation used

      Train: authentic retro, soft seats, only heat, restrooms. Bus: modern, both heat and AC.

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      Beverage - Coffee
      Local Snack - Cake


      English, French, German, Russian

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      This experience is rated moderate. Full participation may require extended periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces, steep terrain and/or water activity in a slight current. There may be steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and extended periods of standing. Participants with physical limitations should take this into account.

      Age restrictions

      Suitable for all ages.

      Special Medical Restriction

      We can accommodate you if your mobility is limited and you use a folding wheelchair with at least 7 days' advanced notice, providing you are not travelling solo and have someone along to assist you. Not all venues may be accessible.

      Enjoy the most striking examples of Norwegian mountain landscapes as you ride the Flam Railway. Named the world's most incredible train journey by Lonely Planet in 2014, you'll see rivers cutting through deep ravines and waterfalls cascading down snow-capped mountains. What's that clinging to the side of the steep mountain slope? Yup, it's a farm!

      This visually stimulating journey begins in Flam and ascends to Myrdal Station. Along the way, you'll pass by the Rjoandefossen waterfall, Rallarvegen bike trail, and Kjosfossen waterfall. Enjoy a short stop at Kjosfossen, take memorable photos, and feel the refreshing mist on your face.

      Once you arrive at Myrdal Station, change trains and continue to the town of Voss. From Voss, you'll travel by bus to Gudvangen. On your way there, you're in for another treat when you stop at the Tvindefossen waterfall. The majestic waters of Tvindefossen have a reputation for rejuvenation of various sorts (wink, wink, nudge, nudge); some travelers even fill containers with water during their visit.

      From Tvindefossen, your next destination is the mountainside Stalheim Hotel. Head out to the terrace for breathtaking views of the Naeroyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After visiting the hotel, your bus continues down Stalheimskleiva, one of the steepest roads in Northern Europe, to the bottom of the valley. During the descent you'll notice steep hairpin bends and two more waterfalls, Sivlefossen to the north and Stalheimfossen to the south.

      Once you reach the bottom of the valley, you'll continue to the tiny village of Gudvangen ("the fields of the gods by the water"), then return to Flam. There's no better way to experience the beauty of the Norwegian landscape!

      Heaviest buffet table in the world!

      The Viking-inspired atmosphere at the Gudvangen Fjordtell, a hotel surrounded by incredible mountains and waterfalls, shows off local craftsmanship. The buffet table at the restaurant is made from anorthosite. This unique, locally mined rock is completely white and harder than marble. Weighing in at more than 12 tons, this buffet table could be the heaviest in the world (even fit for a Viking feast)!

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      Flam, Norway
      Flam, Norway
      Flam, Norway
      Great photo opportunities
      Bring snack
      Bring money
      Bring water
      Wear comfortable shoes
      Wear warm layers
      Wear Hat
      Wear Sunglasses

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