A Half-Day in the Life of St. Petersburg

4 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $145 Per Person

A Half-Day in the Life of St. Petersburg

4 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $145 Per Person

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      A Half-Day in the Life of St. Petersburg

      St. Petersburg, Russia
      From (USD) $145 Per Person
      • Family home visit: Quench your curiosity about how real Russians live by spending time with a St. Petersburg family in their home. Share tea or coffee, pastries, and discover how much we all have in common.
      • Subway experience: Take a ride deep under the city. The earliest St. Petersburg metro stations are works of art laden with marble and granite, sculpture and mosaics, chandeliers and metalwork. The newer ones are simpler – but just as impressive.
      • Food market: Exit the metro and enter the exotic world of a traditional market, where you'll sample the local culture and foodstuffs with your guide explaining some of the more unusual offerings – like fat-tail lamb from Dagestan, Iranian zira, khodolets (tangy meat jello), and pickled everything.
      • Small group = more personal: Thanks to a limited group size, you're assured deeper interaction with your guide and a more flexible experience.
      About This St. Petersburg Tour

      In rock, it's "unplugged." In theater, "unscripted." In this case, you could call it "untouristed" – an unamplified, unvarnished, spontaneous travel experience.

       And it's rare. Because in most large cities, the well-worn guidebook paths that casual visitors tread only tell part of the city's story. For the rest, you need to go where locals live, work, and shop for pickled herring. 
      And that's exactly where this tours leads, as – for a few hours – you find yourself immersed in the real lives of real Petersburgers. 
      You'll meet a family of them, in their own home. Over refreshments and chat (with your guide's translation help), you'll each get to know a bit about what makes the other tick. Your hosts' customs, perspectives, and everyday routines may be quite unlike yours – but usually, the similarities between you quickly bubble to the surface and far outweigh the differences. It's like a tiny nod in favor of global peace.
      Later, zipping along on the same subways thousands of locals use to get around, you'll see not just the seriously swank stations, but candid scenes of people on the way to and from work, moms and their kids, the old, young, rich, and poor – the city in its natural, script-free state.
      And nothing tells a culture's story more colorfully than the market where locals buy their daily groceries. As they hawk the eccentric and the familiar, the traditional and the new, the stall vendors may be speaking a different language – but their smiles deliver a universal message.
      Rolling in the deep 
      Be ready for some long escalator rides when you visit the St. Petersburg Metro. Between the city's difficult geology and the defensive Cold War mentality of the Soviets at the time the system was designed, most of the stations are buried far underground. One of them, Admiralteyskaya, is nearly 30 stories down – deepest in the world. Despite their flashy Stalinist decor, the oldest stations doubled as iron-clad bomb shelters, complete with blast doors and air purifiers. Even the crystal chandeliers would be safe.

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