Private Daytrip to Moscow via High-Speed Rail

12+ Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $1,160 Per Person

Private Daytrip to Moscow via High-Speed Rail

12+ Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $1,160 Per Person

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      Private Daytrip to Moscow via High-Speed Rail

      St. Petersburg, Russia
      From (USD) $1,160 Per Person
      • Roundtrip by bullet train: Named for the ultra-speedy peregrine falcon, the Sapsan is Russia's answer to Japan's Shinkansen or France's TGV. Zipping across the countryside at up to 155 mph, your journey to Moscow flies by in four hours, with a pre-packed breakfast included.
      • Sightseeing in Moscow: Enjoy a guided drive through the city to Red Square, taking in fabled landmarks including the multi-hued onion domes of St. Basil Cathedral, Lenin's Tomb, Russia's largest department store, and the Kremlin's walls and towers. A leisurely coffee break at a premier hotel will help restore your energy for the sights yet to come.
      • The Kremlin: See the priceless treasures of the Armory Chamber, including Faberge eggs and coronation regalia. Visit stunning Cathedral Square, with its trio of giant gold-domed landmarks, and step in to admire Archangel Michael Cathedral. Gaze in awe at the prodigious Czar Bell and Czar Cannon.
      • Metro ride: Descend into another world as you take a ride aboard the Moscow subway, its lavishly decorated stations a throwback to the Stalin era.
      • Dinner in the city: Travel to a prestigious restaurant to savor a special meal with wine before re-boarding Sapsan for the ride back to St. Petersburg.
      • Small group = more personal: Share your experience with only people you know; enjoy the luxury of deeper interaction with your guide and a more flexible itinerary.
      About This St. Petersburg Tour

      Like Rome, Moscow wasn't built in a day. But it can be toured in one. Not every inch of it, but enough to give you a sense of its immense history. And to capture excellent Instagram shots of you and your companions beaming smiles in front of a wide range of onion domes, red brick towers, palatial metro stations, swank hotels, and Imperial jewel caches.

      At first little more than a wooden fort standing where two rivers meet, by the 1300s the young city of Moscow – and its power center, the Kremlin – was already a stone-fortified citadel and seat of the Russian Orthodox Church.

      Under Ivan the Great, a massive 15th-century growth spurt kicked into high gear. The iconic cathedrals of the Assumption, the Annunciation, and the Archangel went up, along with a slew of other high-profile landmarks you'll see in and around Cathedral Square and its neighbor, Sobornaya Square.

      Meanwhile, the city was spreading outside the Kremlin's tower-studded walls. What would become known as Red Square (named in Russian for its beauty, not its color) was taking shape atop the razed ruins of a medieval shantytown infamous for its thieves and fires.

      Anchored first by the showy, candy-colored domes of St. Basil's Cathedral (1560), and much later by Lenin's pyramidal granite mausoleum (1930), Red Square became ground zero for huge parades sporting rows of tanks and rockets during the Soviet era, and for long lines of locals queued up to enter GUM State Department Store.

      But all this just scratches the surface of your day's tour of Moscow. Good thing you'll be able to nap on the train ride back.

      Too big to succeed

      No one went big like the czars. In fact, they sometimes went so big that their stuff fell victim to its own mass. Like the 200-ton Czar Bell that sits on a pedestal near the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, a cracked-off chunk of its rim leaning against it like a broken bicuspid. Cast in an underground pit in 1735, it was so ungainly that even lifting it out proved nearly impossible. Needless to say, no one ever heard it ring. Nor did they ever hear the equally mammoth Czar Cannon fire off any of the 2,200-pound balls stacked around it. Too heavy.

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