A Bike Ride Through Alexandria Park

4.75 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $145 Per Person

A Bike Ride Through Alexandria Park

4.75 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $145 Per Person

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      A Bike Ride Through Alexandria Park

      St. Petersburg, Russia
      From (USD) $145 Per Person
      • The park: Pedal your way through a 285-acre parkland named for an empress and beloved as a summer refuge by the Romanovs. See fine Gulf of Finland views, groves and glades, hills and ponds, picturesque bridges and mysterious ruins.
      • The sights: With your guide providing background color and history, enjoy stops to capture the bygone beauty of the Romanov family favorites like the Royal Stables, Farm and Cottage Palaces, the Gothic Well and Capella (Chapel), the Imperial Bicycle Museum, and more.The Lower Dacha: Pause along the shore to view the ruins of the summer palace where three of Czar Nicholas II's daughters and his son Alexei, heir to the throne, were born. Destroyed during World War II, it's slated to be rebuilt.
      • Small group = more personal: Thanks to a limited group size, you're assured deeper interaction with your guide and a more flexible experience.
      About This St. Petersburg Tour

      Breathing in fresh air during a nice, long bike ride through a park is invigorating. But when combined with the remarkable romance – and tragedy – of the Romanov family's history, the experience takes on a whole other dimension. As you pedal through this park, your imagination will be as stimulated as your circulation.

      The story begins in 1825, when Nicholas I was crowned emperor and made this estate – then a wild hunting ground – a present to his wife Alexandra.

      Soon its untamed nature gave way to more civilized English-style parkland, thanks to winding roads and paths, reworked terrain, and vast plantings of trees, shrubs, and flowers carefully selected by a team of master landscape designers.

      Meanwhile, a top Scottish architect of the day designed the photogenic Cottage Palace, blending the styles of a seaside villa, a Gothic castle, and a rustic farmhouse. It still packs the charm nearly 200 years later.

      Together with the nearby Farm Palace, the countrified grandeur of this early compound reflected Alexandra's aversion to the endless pomp of court life – and the Cottage became a relaxed, favorite summer residence of the family for years to come.

      But by the 1890s, it was Czar Nicholas II's turn to make his mark in Alexandria Park, transforming a humble seaside getaway perched along the Gulf of Finland into the ornate Lower Dacha. This grand summer palace was a rich showcase of the latest Art Nouveau style, but was lost to the bombs of World War II.

      Listen carefully in this spot and you might still hear the laughter of the young prince and princesses born there.

      Rolling thunder

      Located in one of the oldest buildings (1796) you'll encounter on your ride, the Imperial Bicycle Museum at Peterhof certainly provides for intriguing time-travel of the two-wheeled kind. Some of these vintage bikes were actually ridden by Russian emperors and their children as they pedaled their royal way along the same paths you'll ride on this tour. An 1867 French model known as "Bone Shaker" made a God-awful racket wherever it rolled – including inside the Winter Palace when it was too cold for the princes to ride outside.

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