Belgrade Underground Tunnels Tour & Wine Tasting

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $91 Per Person

Belgrade Underground Tunnels Tour & Wine Tasting

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $91 Per Person

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      Belgrade Underground Tunnels Tour & Wine Tasting

      Belgrade, Serbia
      From (USD) $91 Per Person
      • Belgrade's secret world: Explore the historic caverns, tunnels and bunkers that lie hidden under Serbia's capital, including one of President Tito's Cold War bunkers.
      • Lost civilizations: See Roman and Byzantine statues and other relics, as well as the 18th century gunpowder warehouse built by the Austrians to fight the Turks.
      • Wine tasting: Nothing is more at home underground than a wine cellar, and you'll visit one from the 19th century for a Serbian wine tasting complete with local pastries.
      About this Belgrade Tour

      The so-called Roman Well at the Kalemegdan Fortress is neither Roman nor a well; it's actually a cistern dug by the Austrians between 1717 and 1731. But if there's anything it holds in its dark, eerie depth, it's a gruesome set of legends that gave even Alfred Hitchcock chills. (He'd been invited to speak at the University of Belgrade in 1964, and visited the Roman Well during while in town. He was so fascinated by its ambiance and legends, he called seeing it "a treat.")

      The "well" is 180 feet deep by about 11 feet wide. Two spiral staircases surround it, with small windows that let you look in.

      One story says it was built on the site of a 15th-century dungeon. The Austrians had captured 30 traitors who were trying to help the Ottomans conquer Belgrade and threw them into the dry bottom with knives, where they were left to kill each other in order to survive.

      Another story talks of World War II German soldiers believing the Yugoslav army had buried treasure at the bottom, which by then had filled with water from the surface. The Germans sent divers down, but two never came back.

      There's even an unconfirmed tale from 1954 claiming that a mentally ill man killed his wife and threw her into the well. In the '60s, civilian divers went in and found two skulls.

      Nobody knows if they belong to the Austrian traitors, the German soldiers, or whoever may have died miserably here in the centuries in between. Either way, it's easy to picture Alfred Hitchcock smiling.

      The bunker is da bomb

      The Bosnian and Kosovo Wars of the 1990s left the young people of Belgrade with little optimism, so they did what young people do best: party. In 1999, before Belgrade's underground became a tourism attraction, an illegal nightclub popped up in the gunpowder warehouse space. The DJ would set up on a 2,000-year-old altar and put the space's superb acoustics to good use. Look closely at the floor and you can see fossilized chewing gum.

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