Zemun Walking Tour, Millennium Tower, & Belgrade Sightseeing Drive

Zemun Walking Tour, Millennium Tower, & Belgrade Sightseeing Drive

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      Belgrade, Serbia
      4 Hours
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      • Historic Zemun: After your guide points out city landmarks, you'll have an hour of free time in Gardos, an elegant neighborhood of preserved homes and churches, quaint squares, and a lively Danube promenade.
      • Millennium Tower: This 118-foot vertical fortress commemorates 1,000 years of settlement in the region; because it's on Gardos Hill, it has breathtaking views in every direction.
      • Sightseeing drive: Cruise by motorcoach through the Serbian capital and see major landmarks like Parliament, Slavija Square, St. Sava Cathedral, and the Presidential Palace.

      Meeting point

      Please make your way to Republic Square, Belgrade city center and meet your guide at the statue of Prince Mihailo III on horseback.

      Helpful hints

      As in many cities, keep your wallet or purse secured and leave the bling behind. Flat shoes make walking on cobblestones much easier.

      Getting around

      Plan to walk for 1 mile over cobblestones and flat terrain and climb 100 steps. If your mobility is limited, this tour may be too challenging for you to enjoy and maintain the pace of the group. It is not wheelchair accessible.

      Activity type

      Walking Tour, Cultural, Scenic

      Transportation used

      49-seat Motorcoach



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      Tour Participation Requirements

      Activity Level

      This experience is rated moderate. Full participation may require extended periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces, steep terrain and/or water activity in a slight current. There may be steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and extended periods of standing. Participants with physical limitations should take this into account.

      Age restrictions

      Suitable for all ages.

      Special Medical Restriction

      If you have limited mobility, this tour may be too challenging for you to enjoy and maintain the pace of the group.

      The Millennium Tower in Zemun is better known by locals as Janos Hunyadi Tower, named after a fearsome warrior who, when his country needed a hero, came out of nowhere and became one.

      Born in 1407, Hunyadi began carving his place in history around 1428, during a battle that King Sigismund of Hungary was losing badly. (Serbia was then part of the kingdom.) Just when the Turks were about to pounce on the king's troops, a knight in full armor charged in, slashing his way through a multitude of Turks.

      The king couldn't identify the knight's white tunic, or the shield depicting a raven holding a gold ring in its beak. (Evidence points to Hunyadi buying his own armor and designing his own crest.) Nevertheless, the king rewarded the knight's bravery by assigning him to the Royal Bodyguard.

      Hunyadi moved up the ranks quickly to become a commander, and defeated three Ottoman invasions in seven years – something that no one had done before. Then, in 1456, when 100,000 Turks marched on Belgrade against Hunyadi's 6,000, he rallied 30,000 peasants to arms, catching the enemy by surprise and driving them out of Serbia. They didn't return for 70 years.

      Hunyadi, however, became ill during the siege, and died in the fortress that then occupied the site of the Millennium Tower. (You can still see parts of it.)He became a national hero of Serbia, Hungary, and Romania, and his second son went on to become a Hungarian king.

      As you'll see at the tower, knights in shining armor really do exist.

      Bar wars

      Just south of Gardos Hill on Vasilija Vasilijevica Street, you'll find the "White Bear": the oldest house in Belgrade, according to the sign in front. It was built in the late 1600s, and became the most popular tavern in town. Local lore holds that Prince Eugene of Savoy stayed here while he planned Austria's attack on Ottoman-occupied Belgrade in 1717. If the plans were made over a drink or two, it worked: The Turks were driven out. The war wasn't over, though – they returned 22 years later.

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      Belgrade, Serbia
      Belgrade, Serbia
      Great photo opportunities
      Bring snack
      Bring money
      Bring water
      Wear comfortable shoes
      Wear light clothing
      Wear Sunglasses

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