The Underground Marvels of Postojna Cave

4.25 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $311 Per Adult / $135 Per Child

The Underground Marvels of Postojna Cave

4.25 Hours
Group Activity
Shore Excursion with Guaranteed Return to Ship

From (USD) $311 Per Adult / $135 Per Child

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      The Underground Marvels of Postojna Cave

      Piran, Slovenia
      From (USD) $311 Per Adult / $135 Per Child
      • Postojna Cave: By foot and by train, explore the most visited caves in Europe – a 13-mile-long netherworld sculpted by the Pivka River more than two million years.
      • The Brilliant: A dazzlingly bright, 16-foot tall angular stalagmite made of calcite that is often considered the most memorable formation in the entire cave system.
      • Spaghetti Hall: Thousands of needle-thin stalactites protrude from the ceiling there like a sheet of calcite precipitation that was suddenly frozen in time – it's easy to see why this room is also called "Rock Rain."
      About This Piran Tour

      The Slovenian Karst region is beautiful enough above ground, with its rolling limestone cliffs peeking out from lush forests. Yet these age-old rocky structures hide a subterranean secret: Every second for thousands of years past, erosion has been causing fissures, cracks, and sinkholes to appear in the seemingly solid bedrock, allowing chemical reactions to form vast underground caverns tangled with bizarre calcite formations of incredible size and complexity.

      The Postojna Cave network is so large – more than 12 miles – that it takes a small train to transport visitors through its maze of caverns, past rocky structures whose distinctive recognizable shapes have earned them names like the Turtle, the Cone, the Palms, the Charcoal Heaps, the Curtain, the Dwarf, and Gothic Hall – where the remains of prehistoric animals have been found.

      Deeper into the cave lies the Great Mountain, a hidden landscape of endless halls where you follow your guide on foot to the "Brilliant." It's the pride and joy of Postojna: A glistening white stalagmite that seems to erupt from the ground like a geyser frozen in time. Wander deep in the underbelly of the mountain amidst oozing walls, yawning chambers, and twisted fingers of rock reaching down as if clawing at the invading aliens from the surface. It'll take another million years before they're long enough to catch anyone.

       That is one ugly baby

      Keep an eye peeled for strange, river-dwelling salamanders with a long, flat head that's too big for its body, bizarre gills where its ears should be, eyes that don't work, and a snake-like body interrupted by two sets of odd, scurrying legs – three toes up front, two in back. These are the sun-deprived "baby dragons" of Postojna, also called "human fish" because of their pale, pink skin.

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