Guided Walking Tour of Alhambra and a Traditional Baths Experience

7 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $126 Per Adult (Minimum 10) / $68 Per Child

Guided Walking Tour of Alhambra and a Traditional Baths Experience

7 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $126 Per Adult (Minimum 10) / $68 Per Child

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      Guided Walking Tour of Alhambra and a Traditional Baths Experience

      Granada, Spain
      From (USD) $126 Per Adult (Minimum 10) / $68 Per Child

      • Alhambra: This ancient Arabic complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  is a wonder to all. Your friendly local guide show you the must-see sites here, including the Nasrid palaces, the Palace of Charles V, and the Alcazaba Fortress.
      • Generalife Gardens: This collection of gardens was the summer palace for Spain's sultans. See where they got away from it all. Check out the fountains, the stunning variety of flowers, the beautiful pools of water, and the massive cypress trees. 
      • Hammam Al Andalus: In the second part of this tour, head out on your own to this spa with your swimsuit and bathe in one of seven pools. Get a massage (extra charge) with aromatherapy oils to add to your feelings of relaxation.


      About This Granada Tour


      The Alhambra, home to Moors of lore, still has the baths that sultans relaxed and purified themselves in. When you visit the complex as part of this GoBe tour, you'll see what the baths looked like. And in the second part of the tour, at the Hammam Al Andalus, you'll get to experience the sensation of what it was like to indulge in this purification ritual.

      Thanks to advances in indoor plumbing, taking a bath these days is usually a solitary activity. But the public bath has a long history, starting in Roman times. There were several reasons for the baths' popularity. The first, of course, was a hygienic one. Who wants to be around somebody who never bathes, especially in the summer?

      There was also a religious aspect to this as well. Islam, like Christianity, features water in its purification rituals, where people cleansed themselves from sins against the Koran. Hammams, also known as Turkish baths, were frequently located near mosques. In Granada, they used water from a sophisticated hydraulic system, taking aqua from nearby rivers and streams. There was also a social aspect to the baths. It was a meeting place, a spot where people got haircuts and waxings, and exchanged gossip.

      The decor at the Hammam Al Andalus will give you the sense of what it was like to indulge in this bathing tradition. So will the feel of the seven pools, with varying temperatures. You can cool off or get heated up, depending on your mood. There's also a steam room and a rest room (not a bathroom, but an actual place to rest). If you're so inspired, you may experience an optional massage (extra charge) with aromatherapy. When you're done with your visit, either explore the city independently or return to your hotel, relaxed and rejuvenated.

      Bath, bed, and beyond

      The sultans who lived in the Alhambra enjoyed a bathing ritual similar to the Hammam Al Andalus. But they got some extra benefits. After bathing, the sultan would retire to the Room of the Beds. His wives would dance in the nude in front of him, as blind musicians played the music of the day from a ledge above. The sultan would pick the wife he wanted to sleep with for the night by throwing an apple at her. Charming.

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