Guided Tour of Historical Granada

Guided Tour of Historical Granada

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      Granada, Spain
      4 Hours
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      • Guided panoramic tour of Albaicin: This UNESCO World Heritage Site has winding streets and a rich history. Friendly local guides show you the stunning architecture and give you the inside scoop on this city's Moorish quarter.
      • Granada Cathedral and Royal Chapel: These two religious edifices are next to each other, and feature Gothic and Renaissance architecture and great art. It's also the burial site of the Catholic Monarchs.
      • Mirador de San Nicolas: Check out the jaw-dropping views of the Alhambra palaces and the Sierra Nevada mountains from this unbeatable hilltop vantage point, a raised plaza in front of the San Nicolas Church. Then relax as you enjoy local a refreshment at an area cafe.
      • Triunfo Gardens: This used to be an Arab cemetery, then the site of many ancient festivals, then the place of executions. Today it's a lovely park, despite that history, with a collection of beautiful fountains. Look for the monument to Mary.

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      Bring small coins for the bathroom. Take a light jacket or rain coat for the weather. Some shops close from 1:30pm to 4:30pm, and most shops close on Sundays. Viva la siesta.

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      Back in the 15th century, the marriage, and alliance, of Isabella of Castile to Ferdinand of Aragon makes today's Hollywood power couples look like nobodies. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand were Spain's power couple, two cousins who wed as teenagers in 1469. They quickly set about making the country into a world power and bringing it into its "Golden Age."

      In 1474, Isabella inherited her region's throne, but her husband said he should be the ruler of Castile. As a compromise, Castilian nobility decided they would rule together. When Ferdinand inherited his throne in 1479, he first ruled it himself, then decided to share the throne of Aragon with Isabella. They were called the Catholic Monarchs and presided over much of Spain, including during the infamous Spanish Inquisition (you know, the one nobody expects).

      The year 1492 was a big one for the king and queen, and as important for Spain as 1776 is for the United States. Grand inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada talked them into expelling Jews who would not convert to Christianity. Ferdinand and Isabella conquered the Nasrid dynasty in Granada, the last Muslim outpost in Spain. Then they decided to help fund an explorer by the name of Christopher Columbus. He ended up discovering the New World and helped make Spain a world power, a pretty happy accident of history for Columbus, and for the king and queen.

      Ferdinand and Isabella, along with most of their children, chose to be buried in Granada at the Royal Chapel they commissioned to be built. They considered conquering Granada to be their crowning achievement. Never mind Columbus.

      Madly in love

      Juana la Loco (Joan the Mad), a child of Ferdinand and Isabella, was quite a passionate woman. When she met Philip the Handsome, the man she was arranged to marry, they felt love, or at least lust, at first sight, falling into bed immediately. She was so passionate about him, she even caressed his body after his death. They had a tumultuous marriage, but were reunited after her death by being buried together in the Royal Chapel, part of this tour.

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      Granada, Spain
      Great photo opportunities
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