Guided Tour of Las Alpujarras, Lanjaron, and Trevelez from Granada, with Lunch

5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $80 Per Adult (Minimum 10) / $43 Per Child

Guided Tour of Las Alpujarras, Lanjaron, and Trevelez from Granada, with Lunch

5 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $80 Per Adult (Minimum 10) / $43 Per Child

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      Guided Tour of Las Alpujarras, Lanjaron, and Trevelez from Granada, with Lunch

      Granada, Spain
      From (USD) $80 Per Adult (Minimum 10) / $43 Per Child

      • Guided tour of Las Alpujarras: Friendly, savvy local guides take you on a guided tour from Granada, with breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. The valleys and villages have stunning natural beauty and a relaxed, friendly Mediterranean vibe. Check out the abundant olives and oranges.
      • Lanjaron: A town known for its medicinal spas, honey, crafts, and mineral water that is sold throughout Spain, Lanjaron also has a Water Museum with great architecture and smart exhibits.
      • Trevelez: This is the highest point on Spain's mainland. In addition to its beautiful views, it's also known for its jamon serrano, mouth-watering cured ham that is most definitely a local delicacy.


      About This Granada Tour

      Ever hear of the saying, "Run for the hills!"? That is literally, what happened after the Spanish Inquisition in 1492, when the Castilians took over Granada and started to force people to convert to Christianity. So Moors, Jews, Romani (Gypsies), and Berbers all ran for the hills. Specifically, they ran for Las Alpujarras, meaning "sierra of pastures," part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

      Berbers were already living there. They had transformed these hillsides into terraced residential areas like what they knew in North Africa, complete with flat-roofed, rectangular homes and water irrigation systems that used the melting snow from streams in the mountain peaks to water the farmland. However, after 1492, those who didn't want to convert to Christianity fled there, accelerating the development of this area.  

      Las Alpujarras was a nice place to be exiled to, thanks to that water system. Of course, it also helped that Moorish farmers brought home the fruits of their international trips, converting the area into a Mediterranean paradise, redolent with oranges, pomegranates, lemons, apricots, peaches, olives, and avocados.

      Still, Spain's authorities weren't exactly live and let live. They still wanted those in Las Alpujarras to convert to Christianity. But the villages fought back, most memorably in the Morisco Revolt. Unfortunately, they were defeated in 1571 and forced out of the area they settled. Christians were brought into the village to take over, but two Moorish families in each village were required to stay to show the new settlers how to use those water systems. Given how much water shaped Las Alpujarras, it's fitting that this region is the site of the Water Museum, part of your GoBe tour.

      Water, water everywhere

      Lanjaron has thermal baths that have been popular for ages. The town is also known for its annual water festival. Each year on June 23 (the feast day of John the Baptist), townspeople celebrate the San Juan Fiesta del Agua y Jamon by having a huge water fight using hoses, water pistols, super soakers, and buckets to shoot each other with aqua. The fun starts at midnight. After people get wet, they go celebrate at street parties, complete with drinks and jamon (Spanish ham). It's a great way to commemorate a saint known for his own use of water.

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