Day Tripping to Surreal Cappadocia with Lunch and Shopping

8 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $262 Per Person (Based on 2)

Day Tripping to Surreal Cappadocia with Lunch and Shopping

8 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $262 Per Person (Based on 2)

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      Day Tripping to Surreal Cappadocia with Lunch and Shopping

      Kayseri, Turkey
      From (USD) $262 Per Person (Based on 2)
      • Goreme Open-Air Museum: An otherworldly landscape of more than 30 carved-into-rock churches, many with colorful frescoes, dating back to the ninth century.
      • Uchisar Castle: Cut through with a maze of tunnels, this tall volcanic rock provided safety during enemy attack. Climb to the top for astonishing views.
      • Derinkuyu: Visit a vast, multilevel subterranean city that sheltered up to 20,000 ancient Christians (with their livestock) in homes, churches, and schools.
      • Lunch and shopping: Enjoy a traditional Turkish meal at Dede Efendi Kaya Restaurant and visit a carpet center for a demonstration of traditional techniques.
      About this Kayseri tour

      You'll feel as though you've landed on another planet. All around you is a moonscape of "fairy chimneys," the cone-shaped rock formations that past cultures carved into to create eccentric dwellings, churches, and castles. Under the ground are unseen cities and, floating silently and improbably above, you may see bright hot air balloons. It is otherworld. It's fantastically surreal and strangely wonderful ­– Cappadocia.

      Nature started it all millions of years ago when volcanic eruptions covered the landscape with ash that eventually formed a soft rock. Wind and rains carved away the softer elements of the rock, leaving a peculiar landscape of pillars and pinnacles gesturing more than 100 feet up into the sky.

      Taking a lesson from nature, Bronze Age people began carving into the pillars to create cave dwellings and storehouses. Later, people who lived precariously between feuding empires (first the Greeks and Persians, later the Byzantine Greeks and their many rivals) needed places to hide. They carved out more dwellings and cut deep into the rock to create entire towns with as many as eight stories concealed below the surface.

      Early Christians also needed a place of refuge, and those fleeing Rome's persecution and, later, Muslim marauders, established monasteries here. During a period of prosperity in the 10th and 11th centuries, the richly frescoed chapels you'll see on this tour were added. Today, nature continues to sculpt the site through erosion, and hoteliers cut luxury rooms and suites into the ancient rock. The carving of Cappadocia continues.

       Going underground

      Cut to a depth of almost 300 feet, Derinkuyu is the deepest of Cappadocia's 36 below-ground cities. It was built with wells and water tanks, kitchens, granaries, churches, baptism pools, and more. With 600 hidden access doors, plus round stone doors that could quickly block tunnels against enemies, this city was clearly built to withstand attack – strangely like an early prototype for today's bunker-style doomsday condos.

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