Lviv Coffee and Chocolate Tour

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $96 Per Person (Based on 2)

Lviv Coffee and Chocolate Tour

3 Hours
Group Activity

From (USD) $96 Per Person (Based on 2)

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      Lviv Coffee and Chocolate Tour

      Lviv, Ukraine
      From (USD) $96 Per Person (Based on 2)
      • Coffee mine: Around the world, coffee beans grow on trees; in Lviv, they appear to come from deep in the ground under "Coffee Manufacture," a cafe and museum that will open your eyes
      • Lviv Chocolate heaven: More than 42 kinds of chocolate – in candies, snacks, and truffles – tempt you on the way into the workshop for a chocolate-making master class.
      • Rynok Square: As you walk around sampling Lviv's famous coffees and chocolate, you will see some of the magnificent old architecture surrounding Rynok Square. 
      About this Lviv Tour

      In the ongoing debate between Vienna and Lviv as to who gets credit for inventing the European coffee house, the most likely answer is like a version of chicken and the egg futility. The first coffee house in Europe opened in Vienna; the man who made it happen was from Lviv.

      His name was Yuri Kulczycki, a 17th- century Lvivian Cossack– basically, an elite cavalryman. A seasoned veteran of many campaigns, and whose fortunes led him to Turkey, where he discovered coffee and the coffee house experience.

      In the summer of 1683, Kulczycki was part of the force defending Vienna from a large, well-equipped army of the Ottoman Empire. The besieged city close to surrender when Kulczycki volunteered to sneak through the enemy camp and  ask for Poland’s military aid.

      Owning clothing suited for an Ottoman merchant and being fluent in Turkish, Kulczycki succeeded in his mission. The king of Poland led a Polish-Austrian-German army of 70,000 to triumph in the Battle for Vienna, on September 12, 1683.

      The Viennese were puzzled when all Kulczycki asked for as spoils for his efforts were sacks of strange green beans left behind by the Turks.

      Soon thereafter, Kulczycki opened Under the Blue Bottle, the first cafe in Vienna, where he not only introduced coffee to Europe, but began offering milk and sugar to patrons unaccustomed to the strong Turkish-style brew.

      Coffee break

      As much as Lvivians love coffee, and as much coffee as they drink, there's one thing you may not see while you're there: to-go containers. Lvivians believe coffee should be enjoyed in leisurely fashion, sip by sip, while sitting down. And to preserve that old-fashioned social medium called conversation, most of the more than 600 cafes in Lviv don't offer Internet service.

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